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About Us

John Waddington is the founder and owner of

My Story

Hello, I’m John. Welcome to my site.

I aim to help you learn all about the great game of golf.

Golf was not a sport with any history in my family, but as a teenager watching the exploits of the great Seve Ballesteros, I was inspired to visit a course and unleash a drive.

Unfortunately, my early efforts were sporadic and not very successful. However, a few years later, I finally found golf following a family holiday to Florida, US. A passion became an obsession. That was over 30 years ago!

My first obstacle was playing my natural left-handed side or switching to right-handed. The main reason is that there was simply a lack of left-handed equipment in the pre-eBay years.

John Waddington
Playing at Bentham Golf Course, North Yorks, UK

However, my left-handedness won out, and off I went!

Holidays then became booked in hotels with neighboring or even on-site courses. I always left a few spare clubs in the car to seek out the nearest driving range while waiting for the children after taxing them to one of their many engagements!

Lessons came next. They definitely should have come sooner!

The most significant step I had to take was joining a club. It was not to do with playing – more the ‘stuffiness’ of the members themselves.

Luckily, early on, I could share a tee time with gentlemen from a similar background, one of which was a low handicap and respected player who helped show me the course and the intricacies of the club. I learned a ton at the club and now play and enjoy the game at every opportunity.

So why this website, you might wonder.

Back then, the only way to learn was by reading out of a book and watching the professionals on TV. If you were lucky, you might have been able to afford the odd golf lesson. But this was out of my reach, so I played on the local municipal courses where the dress code and the rules were never always fully enforced!

Fast forward to today’s world…

With the advent of the internet and access to a wealth of information online, I wished I had this resource when learning this beautiful game. I created this website for beginner golfers of all ages to quickly find the needed information. Something I feel I never had.

Bentham Golf Course
The 16th at Bentham Golf Course, North Yorks, UK

So, how does Golf Educate benefit you?

  • You will find all the beginner’s info you could ever ask for. And don’t worry, when you’re learning something new, there’s never a stupid question!
  • If you are a mid-to-low handicap player, there are helpful articles for you, too, whether you want to improve your golf swing, concentrate on putting, or work on the mental side of your game.
  • Access to info and recommendations on the best golf gear on the market. I’ll detail stuff that I personally use and why, including the best places to find the latest deals to match your budget.
  • Fun stuff. You’ll find the latest golfing statistics, advances in technology, and loads more.

Golf Educate is also a great place to interact with other like-minded golfers, as no matter your age or experience, you never stop learning in this game.

I also believe golf is not only about how well you play it but who you play it with. 

I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me here or find me on LinkedIn.

John Waddington

Golfer on Driving Range
The Range at Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course, Florida, US