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8 Golf Tips For Left Handers (A Leftie Tells All)

Playing golf is a challenge for everyone, but left-handed players often have more trouble than others. I should know, being a leftie myself!

There are several ways that left-handed players can develop their skills more quickly, but learning these skills can be difficult. All lefty golfers are looking for tips to improve, and the good news is that there are several to follow.

Left-handed golfers must perfect their grip and stance, learn to be creative on the course, learn from as many players as possible, watch pro lefties play, play with other lefties, buy the right gear for leftie players, and practice specific leftie drills frequently.

The best left-handed golfers are as good as the best right-handed golfers. There are no real disadvantages for lefties in this sport, but the truth is that there are some extra challenges to overcome.

Finding some tips to open new aspects of the game and ways to learn can be a significant step forward. So, if you want to know my top left-handed golf tips, you’re in the right place. Let’s tee off!

Left Handed Golf Tips

Left Handed Golf Tips

Taking on the challenge of learning to play golf well and conquer every aspect of the sport can feel more challenging for left-handed players, but the reality is that there is nothing holding lefties back from becoming highly skilled players.

Let’s explore some essential tips for left-handed golfers to help improve all aspects of your golfing ability.

1. Take Time To Perfect Your Grip

Every golf player will tell you that among the most important skills for any golfer is to master their golf club grip, regardless of their dominant hand.

Mastering club grip can be more challenging for lefties. But a professional coach should be able to identify and correct you. But if you take the time to learn how to grip your clubs properly, it can address many of the issues that lefties experience in golf.

Hook shots and slices can be rectified with a proper grip. Learn how to grip your clubs properly based on your dominant hand, and your playing will improve drastically.

2. Learn To Use The Correct Stance

Learning the correct stance can be easier for left-handed golfers, as all stances are the same for right and left-handed players, except that they are mirrored.

This means that a left-handed golfer can learn the correct stance from a right-handed player more easily, as they can see their movements better and directly mirror them without having to invert the stance in their head before taking a swing.

The right instructor can teach a left-handed golfer very effectively in this way.

Every golfer must learn the correct stance technique to succeed in the game. Stance is as essential for lefties as it is for righties, but lefties can have more trouble with stance simply because there are fewer good examples to follow.

John Waddington Golfing

3. Learn To Be Creative On The Course

Most golf courses are set up for right-handed players, making certain aspects of most courses more challenging to play through for left-handed golfers.

It is, therefore, critical that all left-handed players learn to think outside the golf box and learn to take shots from difficult angles and challenging positions.

Take the time to learn these skills and intentionally practice them. You will find it far easier to navigate challenging courses and not feel disadvantaged when playing against right-handed players.

4. Learn From As Many People As You Can

There are obviously far fewer teachers and instructors that are left-handed golf players. This is a sad but true reality, and it means that every leftie should take every opportunity to learn what they can find.

If you cannot find a good instructor who is experienced teaching left-handed players, find some other lefties at your local club, watch as many leftie instructional videos as you can, and take advice from the players you practice with.

Learning to improve at every opportunity can set you apart from other left-handed players and will significantly increase your golf ability quicker than you may realize.

Golf Swing. A golfer taking a swing at a ball.

5. Watch Professional Lefties Play

An excellent way to learn as a left-handed golfer is to watch high-level lefties play. You may not have direct access to this, but there are plenty of videos where you can do this, and watching pro lefties play in major tournaments on TV is also a good idea.

Watching left-handed players on this level is a great way to pick up good tips and tricks you may not have seen or thought of otherwise. These players are at the top of the sport and have gotten there by using good techniques and high skill levels, making them the best players to learn from.

This is the best advice that any leftie can receive. Watch the best left-handed players for the best lefty tips, and incorporate them into your own playing. You will quickly see good results and unravel the mysteries of how these players are so good.

6. Play Golf With Other Left-Handed Golfers

Another good tip for left-handed golfers is to play with other lefties as often as possible.

“This is where I can gain an advantage as my eldest son is also left handed.”

Golf Educate

We have already learned that lefties need to put more effort into learning to play well from as many sources as possible, which means that you and your lefty buddies all practice this. Then when you come together, you are likely to teach each other new skills and tips.

Playing with other left-handed players is an excellent way to develop your skills and improve, especially if the other players are better than you.

7. Get The Right Gear For You

Unlike the putters handed out on Adventure golf courses, proper golf clubs used on full-sized courses are not ambidextrous.

Careful selection is required.

Some manufacturers don’t offer a full range of left-handed clubs and only do a limited production run if they do. It is a simple economic exercise to them not to waste money catering to about 10% of the population. Thus popular brands can soon run out of stock.

With stocks limited, especially in the large discount high street sports retailers, this can be off-putting to some beginners just looking for a bargain set of clubs while they start learning the game.

At this point in the past, many switched to right-handed play, as did the great Ben Hogan. This is detailed in his famous coaching book Five Lessons which you can find on Amazon.

Nowadays, second-hand sets are easier to find online.

Specialist golf retailers and on-course pro shops can usually supply or source an adequate amount of equipment from all the top brands. Still, if you are looking for a specific range, it is always better to call ahead so you don’t have a wasted journey.

Wilson Clubs
My Wilson left-handed golf clubs

8. Practice Drills Often

The trouble with being a left-handed player is that fewer drills and practice techniques have been developed over time. This means that to get on top of your game and play as well as possible, it is essential to practice your drills as often and intensely as possible.

When practicing drills, inspect every aspect of your performance thoroughly. Take the time to fix tiny problems, eliminate bad habits, and coax everything you can from the drills to get the most from them.

This will give you the best chance of performing well on the course and playing the best game possible, regardless of where and who you are playing with. 

Final Thoughts

Left-handed golfers are at no disadvantage to right-handed players, but they usually need to work a little harder due to the obstacles listed. If you take the time to learn well and put in the effort, there is no reason you cannot become a skilled and accomplished golfer as a left-handed player.

Explore all of the options when buying clubs, take your time to refine your skills, practice often, play with other lefties, watch the pros, and find a good teacher. Left-handed players can become some of the best golfers anywhere.

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