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7 Best Golf Cart Brands In 2022

Golfing is quite enjoyable and offers the chance to wind down and socialize. A great golf cart can add precious value to those experiences, but it’s not always easy to know which brand to purchase. I’ve owned a couple of brands myself, and I’d be happy to direct you on the best golf cart brands.

The best gold cart brands are:  

  1. E-Z-GO Golf Carts
  2. Yamaha Golf Carts
  3. Club Car Golf Carts
  4. Star EV Golf Carts
  5. Polaris Gem Golf Carts
  6. Tomberlin Golf Carts
  7. Garia Golf Carts

Golf carts are also great for golfing, hunting, errands, moving supplies, roaming neighborhoods, and camping.

I imagine you want to be a savvy shopper and get something that will grant you a promising return on your golf cart investment. In this guide, we’ll sift through each brand to compare them and set you up with a clear understanding of what you’re purchasing.

So, if you want to know what the best golf cart brands are in 2022, you won’t be disappointed. Let’s get started!

1. E-Z-GO Golf Carts

E-Z-GO is first on my list of the best golf cart brands in 2022. This brand produces thousands of golf carts annually that cater to various golfing facilities.

These fantastic golf carts serve as hospitality carts, food and beverage carts, fleet carts for golfers, and turf maintenance. They belong to Textron, and together with Cushman, they receive many rewards of excellence.

E-Z-GO is a decent compromise in terms of pricing because their carts aren’t always as expensive as Club Car, but they’re a little more opulent than Yamaha’s. Club Car carts are sometimes the most costly since they provide a more luxurious ride for people who desire a comfy golf cart.

Consequently, E-Z-GO scores in the top three brands, and they produce some of the most inexpensive golf carts when it comes to prices and repair costs. Its popularity also makes it widely available in every state in the US.

E-Z-GO carts have more than enough space for fitting riders and their clubs. Food and beverage carts are available in gas or electric models and help fund on-course revenue while requiring little to no maintenance. As such, they last a long time, and you won’t be surprised by unexpected repairs.

Hospitality carts more than accomplish their purpose of delivering unparalleled service. They have a good carrying capacity that suits big and small games alike, making them ideal for casual or professional golfers. Turf maintenance carts are highly customizable and simplify the work of clubs.

These golf carts are also suitable for driving around the apartment complex, indulging your adventurous spirit, and taking the beaten path. They serve various needs of a myriad of working environments.

However, some drivers say the suspension is not as high-quality and can affect the smoothness of a ride. Do you want to know if you need a license to drive a golf buggy? Check out this article, Do You Need a License To Drive a Golf Cart?

E-Z-GO carts have an all-steel chassis, meaning you might reconsider purchasing one if you live near the ocean. The air carries a lot of salt, so a steel chassis will quickly rust.

In this case, you may consider purchasing a Club Car golf car because they have an aluminum chassis that won’t rust. You’ll end up saving yourself on repair costs and other damages.

Because E-Z-GO has a straightforward design philosophy, even a rookie golf cart owner can grasp how to upgrade the cart because of the overall system and construction.

2. Yamaha Golf Carts

Yamaha golf carts have excellent design and performance features in the top three golf cart brands. They offer a better riding experience since their engineering includes coilovers rather than springs.

They have steel frames and typically compete with E-Z-GO. That said, they do provide better efficiency and consume less energy.

These golf carts are excellent for transportation and recreational use, even outside golf. Compared to other brands, Yamaha has a superior dash that contains adequate spacing for cups, snacks, bottles, and flasks.

Furthermore, they also come standard with two USB ports that are pretty handy for on-the-go charging. Pretty cool, especially for the younger generation!

Although some new Yamaha carts are relatively inexpensive, the price varies depending on where you buy the vehicle since some shops offer better prices.

Their parts are high quality and affordable, making them highly popular in the US. However, keep in mind that a low price usually means you won’t receive a lot of bells and whistles.

The interior has a large non-slip bin that provides up to 34 percent more space than its competitors. Yamaha golf carts also have an implemented double rain channel, clog-proof roof with the industry’s most expansive and longest coverage.

Yamaha is continually improving their golf carts, and the newest models are a testament to it. They created a new QuieTech EFI technology to produce a quieter, more fuel-efficient ride, allowing you to pay less for gas and more on the things that count.

Its new QuieTech EFI in personal vehicles offers the industry’s first-ever Independent Rear Suspension with the lowest decibel output of any gas automobile. These technologies will provide you with plenty of quiet and quality time when you’re on the course.

In addition, their PowerTech AC automobiles focus on energy conservation while providing quick acceleration, a smooth uphill climb, and superior battery strength and durability. Because battery power is synonymous with horsepower, it works remarkably well.

Even though the steel-versus-aluminum debate may be a deal-breaker for some, there are plenty of opulent amenities to make a golf cart distinctively yours.

3. Club Car Golf Carts

Ingersoll Rand Incorporated owns Club Car, so it’s no surprise that the business uses aircraft-grade aluminum in its golf carts. In other words, it implies its carts are ideal for people who live in a humid or coastal region.

Club Car versions are available with an electric or gas engine and various essential and optional features – hence they too feature in the top three brands for golf carts.

A new Club Car golf cart will usually cost you five figures. The smooth performance of their ride is noticeably different, both for electric and gas-powered models, making this a solid pick.

They are much more expensive than their competitors due to their priority of providing luxury and comfort. As such, parts and repairs are also more costly. 

Club Car versions are also noticeably lighter than E-Z-Go carts because of their aluminum body. They are also more maneuverable in green, grassy environments due to their narrower turn radiuses. Because Club Car engines have impressive durability, owners often maintain their models for roughly 20 years before upgrading.

Their aluminum frame also absorbs bumps in the road and is highly resistant to corrosive issues. It also means less maintenance work and lower repair costs, thereby saving you precious time and money.

Club Car is traditionally a little more costly than other brands, but their top-tier quality carts always deliver reliable quality that you can trust.

Their bodies also have an automotive aluminum style box which provides superior strength and makes the golf cart much lighter for precise vehicle handling. It also causes less wear on batteries and other components.

The interior frames are tubular and lay on top of the steel. As such, they cause rust from the inside via condensation. Furthermore, other brands may prefer a steel frame design that gets coded on the outside only, and it does not protect against rust on the inside.

4. Star EV Golf Carts

The incorporation of several amenities generally offered as buyer options at a price comparable to the cost of a basic golf cart is one of the Star EV’s main attractions. Star EV carts come with a broad list of essential features that include many additional attachments and functions at no extra cost.

Star implements daytime running lights and high beams for night driving in the form of LED headlights. The safety-oriented self-canceling turn signals link to the LED headlamps.

The seats are a step up from the regular golf cart seat, giving more comfort than the ordinary cart via an adjustable back. Furthermore, their top speed is 25mph.

Carts have a lockable, illuminated glove box and an electric-operated trunk with a built-in cooler for ice and beverages that you can remove after each use.

The consoles also have ambient dash lighting, which generates a color display panel with a speedometer, battery power, current gear, and access to both 12-volt and USB charging ports.

A two-seater Star EV golf cart is relatively inexpensive compared to its competitors. It boasts almost every amenity you could desire in a golf cart for this price, and it also looks beautiful.

Naturally, the larger the Sirius cart you choose, the higher the price. The Sirius 4+2 lifted cart, for example, would set you back a couple of thousand dollars.

Most states in the United States allow for Star golf carts. They classify as low-speed electric vehicles rather than golf carts as they are often known. Even though the Star golf cart is already a high-spec LSV, you can alter or enhance it by purchasing any suitable extras from Star’s web store.

This is also excellent news when your cart becomes older because you can quickly get replacement components as needed. It eliminates the need to search local dealers and online databases for foreign-imported parts that may or may not fit your cart.

Star golf carts are made by Star Electric Vehicles, a JH Global Services subsidiary. The company’s headquarters are in Greenville, South Carolina, and it manufactures a wide range of electric cars in the United States.

5. Polaris Gem Golf Carts

Polaris GEM golf carts are pretty safe, and it’s reasonable to call them one of the safest golf carts on the market. Their top priority is safety, and each model complies with the US government safety requirement for low-speed vehicles, which is how GEM carts are categorized.

If you’re a serious golfer searching for a high-end course cart, you’ll want to go with an E-Z-GO, Yamaha, Club Car, or another similar brand.

Polaris is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a road-legal, high-spec, and high-performing golf cart. Club Car, E-Z-GO, and Yamaha versions will accomplish the same job on the course for a lot less money.

Since 1998, more than 45,000 vehicles have been marketed under the GEM brand, which stands for Global Electric Motorcars. Under the Polaris brand, GEM golf carts get made in Anaheim, California.

You may buy a GEM cart with confidence, knowing that you’re supporting an all-American company dedicated to quality control and customer service.

The Polaris carts are all street legal and have a variety of amenities like lights and indicators, safety belts, windshields and wipers, several battery packs, heat and defrost choices and premium seats with high-end upholstery.

Each GEM golf cart model is limited to a top speed of 25 mph, making them a legal LSV in 47 states.

However, their numerous features make them much more expensive than most other golf cart brands. Parts and repair costs are also higher, so it may be worth considering whether you prefer quality and comfort over practicality.

6. Tomberlin Golf Carts

Tomberlin golf carts may not boast the same popularity as other brands, but they certainly have quality and reliability merits. Some manufacturers equip golf carts with high-tech safety features that transform them into little electric automobiles rather than the low-tech golf course vehicles they used to be.

Tomberlin carts come in many variants with luxuries such as leather seats, power steering, and multiple safety systems that ensure the carts are street legal in most jurisdictions.

In the Nordic Group, Tomberlin golf carts are made only in the United States and are quite popular among those searching for road-legal golf carts that look excellent and operate smoothly. As with other golf cart brands that focus on road-legal vehicles, Tomberlin is more expensive.

It also means that repair costs and extra parts are not for the shallow-walleted; you can expect to pay a pretty penny for maintenance work.

When you consider that many other golf carts are approximately half the price of a Tomberlin, you might wonder if spending so much money on a brand-new cart is worth it. If you’re searching for a high-end golf course car, you should check at a different brand.

The electric cars from Tomberlin come with a two-speed key switch that allows you to choose the peak speed. The first choice is to drive your cart in PTV mode, limiting your speed to 19.9 mph. If that isn’t quick enough, you may turn on the switch and drive your Tomberlin at 25 miles per hour.

7. Garia Golf Carts

Garia prioritizes environmental protection as a maker of zero-emission electric automobiles. According to all applicable health, safety, and environmental regulations, they construct their automobiles in Denmark. Their carts have a design structure that enables them to be refurbished and recycled at the plant.

The Garia Golf Cart boasts an inbuilt cooler with additional storage possibilities and a host of other amenities. The front hoods open up to provide storage space for whatever you wish to bring with you. On most golf cars, this function is quite unusual.

A detail that many sometimes ignore is the design of the golf bag holder. It allows your bags to rest at a 45-degree angle, making it easier to locate your club visually and take it from the bag.

It’s also useful for people who have shoulder problems. Garia sells electric and gas-powered models for an exclusive golf course or road-legal use.

In terms of pricing, they are relatively inexpensive compared to other brands, and like others, they can be costly depending on which features you select. Thanks to Garia’s online store that you can use to swap out any parts, repairs and parts are easy to come by.

Garia makes some of the most potent golf carts on the market today. Thanks to new Samsung Lithium Batteries and an improved Curtis Controller, the Mansory Prism is the fastest golf cart to date, reaching a peak speed of 37 mph and accelerating from 0 to 25 mph in less than two seconds.

Final Thoughts

When considering the best golf cart brands, remember that golf carts are no longer just for golfers; they’re helpful for camping, hunting, doing errands, moving supplies, roaming neighborhoods, etc. Whatever strikes your fancy, there’ll be something uniquely-suited to you.

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