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7 Best Golf Irons For 10 Handicap Players

Buying a new set of golf irons can be a costly mistake if you don’t know what you’re looking for. It is especially true in the 10-handicap division, where players may theoretically employ every option in a brand’s lineup with some success. That said, I’ll outline the best irons for 10 handicappers.

The 7 best golf irons for 10 handicap players are –

  1. Callaway Apex DCP Iron Set
  2. Taylormade P790 Steel Shaft Iron Set
  3. Mizuno Golf JPX921 Hot Metal Iron Set
  4. Titleist T100iis Chrome Iron Set
  5. Cobra Speedback One Length Iron Set
  6. Cleveland Launcher CBX Iron Set
  7. Cobra Golf King Forged Tec Iron Set

10 to mid handicap irons often account for 80% of a brand’s sales. With the average golf handicap in the US being approximately 14, their market is massive. With that in mind, what makes these irons the best for players with a 10 handicap?

Best Irons For 10 Handicap

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Best Irons For Players With A 10 Handicap

Those with a Handicap Index of 10.0 or above are among the top 29% of all golfers. Players with a 10.0 handicap account for 5.06 percent of the golfing population and require a keen eye for the best irons available in their class. If you’re a 10 handicapper and wonder how good you are, check out this article; How Good Is 10 Handicap In Golf?

With player-distance irons, you’re investing in an iron with a compact frame, an astonishing amount of game-improvement technology, and robust loft characteristics that should help you hit the ball as far (or further) than you’ve ever played it.

So, starting with Callaway here’s my list of the best irons for 10 handicap players to see what value these irons bring to your golfing experience if you want to get your handicap even lower.

1. Callaway Apex DCP Iron Set

Callaway’s Apex DCP Irons are first on the list. With the superb Apex DCB (Deep Cavity Back), Callaway has opened up the forged Apex family to more club golfers – it’s a masterstroke of recognizing what many ordinary players seek.

The Callaway Apex DCB irons have lighter shafts than the Callaway irons designed for elite players, making them ideal for golfers with average swing speeds. The new design looks excellent and differs somewhat from the previous Apex iron generation.

It is the first forged iron with an Artificial Intelligence-designed Flash Face Cup designed for faster ball speeds. It also comes with a new Tungsten Energy Core that is five times heavier than the previous Apex. It is intended to increase the launch and spin of the ball.

For mid-handicappers, feel is equally vital, which comes from the forged 1025 steel structure. The Apex feels soft yet firm, and it produces an excellent distance. Again, this club values strong ball-striking and will appeal to prospective players seeking a balance of power and feel.

2. Taylormade P790 Steel Shaft Iron Set

The P790, which sits at the distance end of the P-Series of irons, will appeal to ball-strikers looking for distance and a little extra forgiveness in a compact head.

They look terrific from an aesthetic standpoint and will look lovely in your bag. The P790 features somewhat more offset and a thicker sole and top line than the other P-Series irons, but it still appears compact.

The irons deliver an excellent launch and feel lively off the face, thanks to a forged hollow body, Speed Foam injection, and up to 46.5g of tungsten weighting across the set.

Even though this club has less spin than its relatives, the P7MB and P7MC irons also launch relatively high. Therefore, if you are a decent ball striker, you have lots of room to mix and match these irons.

With the longer irons, the P790s are ideal for maximum forgiveness and power, while the P7MBs are ideal for ultimate control and playability below the 7-iron.

3. Mizuno Golf JPX921 Hot Metal Iron Set

The JPX921 Forged iron incorporates Chromoly technology into a full-body forged iron for the first time. Chromoly was first used in Mizuno’s Hot Metal irons and has now made the transition to Mizuno’s forgings with great success.

Testing reveals the highest ball speeds ever generated by Mizuno from an ultimately forged iron.

The JPX921 Forged irons are Grain Flow Forged HD in Mizuno’s outstanding facilities in Hiroshima, Japan, and have an unmistakable Mizuno feel.

In addition, the use of Chromoly 4120 allows for a 0.5mm thinner clubface, resulting in the highest ball speeds Mizuno has ever produced from a full-body Forged iron.

A Stability Frame is created by adding perimeter weighting and toe bias to maximize outcomes from off-center blows. At the same time, a 6.4 percent larger CNC rear machined slot adds even more stability.

Despite this, the JPX921 Forged irons have a slimmer, more compact profile, with a shorter blade length across the board, a beveled trailing edge, and less offset. In addition, as the JPX921 Forged progresses through the set, it takes on the feel of solid forged iron.

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4. Titleist T100iis Chrome Iron Set

The T100S was created to fill Titleist’s T200 and T100 irons gap. It’s a two-degree per club stronger lofted version of the T100 with the same characteristics. In addition, the face is slim and sensitive, and the 3-7 irons have tungsten weighting for increased off-center hit forgiveness.

The Titleist 718 CB model appears similar to the previous model at the address. However, the top rail offers even more forgiveness to help you recover from poor shots than the bottom rail. Also, upon impact, the shoe feels sturdy and soft, and the increased camber on the sole makes it easier to navigate over the ground.

The T100S is a terrific choice for 10-handicappers looking for a pair of mid-handicapper irons that maximize distance while maintaining control and feel.

5. Cobra Speedback One Length Iron Set

Next up on my list of the best golf irons for 10 handicappers is the Speedback One Length iron set from Cobra.

The Cobra Speedback offers forgiveness as well as excellent ball speed. It includes a fastback sole with a low center of gravity that helps the user propel the ball higher and further. In addition, the E9 Power Shell Face has expanded the sweet-spot area, which increases accuracy.

It also uses a technique that uses a mix of aluminum, thermoplastic polyurethane, and acrylic foam to decrease vibration. These are lightweight materials that allow the iron to be softer and more responsive than most other irons on the market.

If you don’t like the F9, it’s most likely because there wasn’t much difference between it and the F8. However, it has superior technology that may pique the curiosity of 10-handicappers. Overall, I find it impossible to deny that it’s one of the best golf irons available today.

6. Cleveland Launcher CBX Iron Set

The Cleveland Golf 2018 Launcher CBX Iron Set could be a good option for golfers with a mid-handicap.

In terms of golf club iron sets, many consider Cleveland Golf’s 2018 Men’s Launcher CBX Iron set to be one of the best suited on the market for players with handicaps of 10 or lower.

Its Dual V sole grind feels a lot like the RTX-3 wedge. This iron is noted for having a center of gravity closer to the center of the face, which improves consistency and feel overall.

It has a microcavity that decreases the weight on the iron’s hosel and places it directly in the center of the face. The Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s Launcher CBX Iron Set’s shaft is constructed of graphite and comes in three flexes ranging from stiff to senior.

Is it, however, a perfect product?

Unfortunately, the Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s Launcher CBX IronSet is not exactly budget-friendly, even if it has an eye-catching appearance and is something that mid-handicap players can rely on.

Furthermore, it’s one of the best cavity back irons you’ll ever have the opportunity to use. Users have said that it helps them get a wonderful flight out of the ball because of its forgiving and fantastic feel.

7. Cobra Golf King Forged Tec Iron Set

The Cobra King Forged Tec iron set is my final pick of the best irons for 10 handicap players. The Cobra King Forged Tec Irons are designed for golfers who seek a blade-like iron with the power and forgiveness of a game improvement iron. The ideal 10-handicap irons combo, in my opinion.

It has a typical muscle back form that is highly beautiful, especially when viewed from the front. It appears easier to hit because of the larger face size and top line, yet the minimum offset gives it a players’ iron feel.

By producing a low CG that helps enhance distance, forgiveness, and playability, the hollow structure of the Forged Tec Irons strives to create an optimum combination of accuracy and distance.

I was concerned about feeling again because of the hollow structure, but this doesn’t have the sharp, clicky sound of a distance iron from the past; instead, it has a forceful thud sound that is loud enough to offer feedback on the stroke without overloading the ears.

These irons are forgiving on off-center hits, and they come with a one-length option with Arccos Connect Smart grips that enable you to track your performance if you want to. It is most likely one of the most incredible pairs of irons for 10-handicappers.

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The Best Irons For 10-Handicappers: What To Consider

The golf iron market is congested, with several brands producing high-quality versions. With that in mind, what are some features you should think about before purchasing the most excellent model for you?

Consider Your Ability And Handicap

Knowing which sort of iron is ideal for your game is perhaps the most crucial initial step.

Higher handicappers choose cavity back irons because they provide the most forgiveness in a more oversized iron head, whereas ten handicappers prefer bladed irons. After all, they provide a more incredible feel and control but minor forgiveness.

There are, however, mid-handicap versions meant to sit between the high and low handicap players, as seen in this guide.

“You should be frank with yourself about how consistent your ball-striking is and then invest in a set of irons that corresponds to where your game is today, not where you’d like it to be.”

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A larger golf iron head can assist when you need confidence the most. Conversely, those with a lower handicap prefer smaller, Tour-shaped profiles because they give more workability.

Consider How Many Irons You Will Need

There is no widespread answer to this question. Your skill level and personal preference will determine how many irons you carry. As a general rule of thumb, if you can’t break 90, you should not use a 3-5 iron.

Consider a set with a matching gap and sand wedge. Allowing you to gap correctly throughout your golf set will improve your short game.

Consider The Price

Overall, this will play a significant role in determining which irons to choose. As you can see from this list, the price of irons can vary greatly. In addition, it will undoubtedly differ between companies, so consider what you can afford and how much you want to spend.

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Consider The Shaft And Shaft Flex

The lighter weight of graphite shafts allows them to swing faster and further than steel shafts. Those with a sluggish swing pace can benefit from it. Skilled golfers appreciate the additional input and feel that steel shafts provide.

Each one-length golf iron has the same length and lies as a 7-iron. Therefore, golfers can use the same setup and stroke from their hybrids through their wedges with the precise set design.

However, if you’re used to playing with many-length golf irons, the single length may seem strange. So, in the end, the choice between one length and variable is a matter of personal taste.

With players with moderate to high swing speeds (anything over 60 mph), a stiff or extraordinarily stiff flex is recommended (anything over 250 yards). Players with a strong swing will have greater control with a less bend shaft.

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Custom Fit Is A Must

It is perhaps the most crucial step, no matter what irons you want or how good you are at golf. Getting a proper custom fitting can help you determine which model is best for you and the correct flex, shaft, lie angle, etc. This method will ensure that you have a set of irons most suited to your game.

If you’re a complete beginner or don’t feel comfortable striking golf balls in front of others, custom fittings might be intimidating, but they’re an essential part of the club-buying process.

Before initiating a custom fit, I recommend making a shortlist of three or four iron heads that you enjoy the appearance of and then narrowing them down to the best for your game during the custom fit procedure.

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Final Thoughts

With new releases and advancements being introduced every year, it might be tough to decide which golf irons are best for your game, especially if you’ve been using the same set for a while.

On the other hand, my pick of these irons are suited for players with a handicap of 10. That said, to choose the best irons for you, you should consider a few factors mentioned above, including a custom fit for the best performance.

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