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5 Best Golf Putters For 15 Handicap Players

If you have a golf handicap of 15, when the time comes for you to purchase a new putter, you should consider getting one that is best for your handicap to improve your game. That said, I’ll outline the best putters for 15 handicap players.

Here are the 5 best golf putters for 15 handicappers:

  •  Pinemeadow Golf’s Men’s PGX Putter
  •  Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter
  •  TaylorMade Golf Spider X
  •  Callaway Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter
  •  Callaway Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

When deciding on which new golf putter to purchase, you should consider a few factors, including how easy the putter is to align with the golf ball, how well-balanced the face of the club is, and what size the grip is on the putter.

I’ve got all of that covered as we discuss the top putters for mid-handicap golfers.

Best Putter for 15 Handicap

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And, if you want to know the best putters for a 15-handicap player, you won’t be disappointed. Choose wisely from these picks as you will probably only use your driver at most 14 times a round, but your putter is, on average, used about 36 times. Let’s tee off!

What Are The Best Golf Putters For 15 Handicap Players?

When considering which putter is best, you must get the one for your handicap and style of play. In no particular order, below are my picks of the best putters for 15 handicappers.

1. The Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter

The Pinemeadow PGX Putter is one of the best options for a mid-handicap player looking to get a new putter on a budget. This putter has a white finish, allowing it to have a great contrast to help align the putter with the ball better and improve the accuracy of a shot.

The PGX is a mallet-style putter that has a phenomenal weight balance. The excellent weight balance, along with its style and design, makes it easier to use for more amateur golfers or those who fall into the mid-handicap range of golfers. 

This golf putter is also very comfortable to use, improving a player’s ability to hit a more accurate shot. The PGX also features a two-ball marker alignment system that is relatively easy to use and helps the player to line up their putt better.

The PGX is designed with a smaller face than most other putters and has an evenly distributed weight for more stability when playing a shot. In addition, this putter features an offset hosel, which is an excellent advantage for mid-handicap players as it helps them better align their shots.

Some advantages of using this putter include the fact that it has a comfortable grip, great contrast, and a two-ball system that all contribute towards better shot alignment for the player. However, the biggest advantage of this putter by far is its value-for-money price tag.

Some disadvantages of this putter may include that its grip, although comfortable for most, tends to be thinner and shorter than the grip on other putters in the same range. The PGX may also be a bit too lightweight for some golfers, so they may have to add some weight by using lead tape strips, should this be the case.

2. The Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter

The Wilson Staff Harmonized golf putter grip has a vertical seam at the back for an enhanced grip feel. It also has innovative features on the face of the putter to allow the player to have better control over the ball.

This Wilson putter has a micro-injection polymer face which gives the player a better feel when making contact with the ball and more control and forgiveness should they try to strike the ball off-center.

Overall, this putter has a great feel and offers a lot of forgiveness and improved ball control at a very reasonable price, making it an excellent option for mid-handicap players looking for a suitable putter on a budget.

I love the Wilson brand, and although I use a Wilson putter, it’s not the Harmonized model. If I could get my handicap down somewhat, I like the look of this one, and it features high on my “want” list!

Golf Course in Mountains

3. The TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putter

The TaylorMade Golf Spider X putter is considered one of the best premium options for mid to high-handicap golfers. This is because the Spider X has excellent accuracy and stability, which makes it easier for the player to control the ball.

Some other useful features of this putter include the fact that it is designed with pure-roll insert technology, which allows it to have a satisfying sound and feel. It also has a true path alignment system incorporating 45-degree grooves to allow the ball to have more topspin and stay more accurately on its path.

The TaylorMade putter also features a heavy 320-gram frame which aids in eliminating the twisting of a player’s putter in their hand when making contact with the golf ball. In addition, this putter is also designed with a lightweight head which allows a player shot to be more stable.

Overall, this high-quality, premium putter enables a player to perform consistently.

Some of the most significant advantages of using this putter include its design making it easier for the player to align putts, and its excellent accuracy and stability. In addition, it has a satisfying sound and feel when connecting with the golf ball.

Some disadvantages of choosing this putter include the fact that it is very costly as it is one of the most premium putters in its range, and its paint may chip should it come into contact with harsh surfaces.

4. The Callaway Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter

This Callaway putter design features two round shapes in its center and a triple track design that allows players to align their putts more efficiently and provides a great feel and consistent tempo. It also features an innovative multi-material shaft design.

Mid-handicap players often struggle with aligning their putts. The technology used in the design of the Callaway Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track putter is specially intended to aid players in the alignment of their shots.

The alignment markings on the putter are a direct mirror image of the alignment markings on Callaway Chrome soft golf balls and other Callaway brand balls, making them a perfect match-up if you choose this putter range.

This putter/ball match-up by Callaway makes it an ideal choice for mid-handicap players looking for a new putter and explains why the Callaway brand is one of the most popular golf balls on the PGA Tour.

5. The Callaway Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

The Callaway Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 putter features a white-hot insert which allows players to have a more consistent feel and sound when making contact with the ball. The grip of this putter also aids in the stability of the player’s wrist motion when impacting the ball.

Some of the main advantages of choosing this Callaway putter is that it has a mallet head design and is, therefore, very well balanced to help with the alignment of the ball’s path. It also has a nice PVD surface finish.

The White Hot Pro 2.0 improves accuracy and stroke consistency and enhances forgiveness with the toe weight placement feature.

One small shortcoming in the design of this putter is the mid-sized grip which may not be comfortable for all players. However, changing a grip if you have access to a vice is a simple DIY operation that I have personally undertaken several times. But if you are less hands-on, any good golf retailer/pro shop can perform this operation for a small fee.

Both my sons currently use and have used previous versions of this putter. Although costly, the feel, sound, and simplicity cannot be beaten and will suit any mid-handicapper. Below is a photo of my youngest son’s Odyssey White Hot putter.

Odyssey Putter
My son’s Odyssey White Hot putter

Final Thoughts 

If you’re a mid-handicap player deciding on which new putter to purchase, you must consider the following:

  • How easy is the putter for ball alignment
  • What the size of the grip on the putter is like
  • How well-balanced the putter is

For a player with a 15 handicap, some of the best golf putters to choose from include the Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX putter, the Wilson Staff Harmonized putter, the TaylorMade Golf Spider X putter, The Callaway Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track putter, and the Callaway Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 putter.

I’d choose the Wilson Harmonized for a great overall putter that won’t break the bank. However, if you’ve got more cash to spend, go for the Callaway Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0, as this is the best top-performing putter to improve your putting game.

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