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Can A Left Handed Player Use A Right Handed Golf Club?

Golf is a very technical sport, and great care is taken to ensure that players learn the correct stance and method of hitting the ball. However, if you are left-handed, you might be wondering if there are specific left-handed golf clubs or if a left-handed player can use a right-handed golf club.

A left-handed player can not use a right-handed golf club. Left-handed players need to stand on the left side of the golf ball and hit the ball from the left. If they were trying to play with a right-handed club, they would hit the ball with the backside of the club.

If you are left-handed, you might now want to know:

  • How left-handed and right-handed golf clubs differ.
  • What the reverse grip is when putting.
  • Tips for left-handed players.

This article has it covered. Let’s dive in!

A golf bag with a set of right handed clubs. Can a Left Handed Player Use a Right Handed Golf Club?

How Do Left-Handed and Right-Handed Golf Clubs Differ?

The head of a right-handed golf club is the only thing different from a left-handed golf club (except some putters). There is no difference in the shafts or grips of either right or left-handed clubs as they are not specifically designed for either right-handed or left-handed players.

The advantage of this is that you can purchase any shaft you like and then change the head of the club to be either suitable for a left-handed or right-handed player.

Left-handed golf players will stand on the left side of the ball as you view it from the front on, placing their left hand at the bottom and their right hand at the top of the club’s grip. Their right shoulder will point down the fairway.

They will swing the club round and back behind their left shoulder, then swing it forward hitting the ball, and the club should finish going over the right shoulder and behind the player’s back.

A right-handed player would mirror this action.

Right-handed players will stand on the right side of the ball, with their right hand placed at the bottom of the club’s grip and their left hand placed on the top. This is because they will hit the ball from the right and will thus need the head of the golf club to face to the left to hit the ball.

Thus the only difference between a left-handed golf club and a right-handed golf club is the head of the club and the direction in which it faces. However, this is a significant difference since you would not be able to hold the golf club the other way around and hit a ball correctly.

In other words, if a right-handed player attempted to swing a left-handed club from his usual position, he would hit the ball with the back of the clubface.

Left Handed vs Right Handed Golf Clubs.

How Do Left-Handed and Right-Handed Golf Clubs Differ?
Left-Handed Clubs vs. Right-Handed Clubs

Most people are right-handed, so most golf clubs are purchased with right-handed heads attached. However, most big golf club brands also sell left-handed heads and golf clubs. Therefore, if you wish to hit your ball from the left-handed position, you could purchase a left-handed golf club.

Yet when putting, several golfers now use a ‘reverse grip.’

The Reverse Grip When Putting

Usually, golf players grip the shaft with their dominant hand at the bottom and their non-dominant hand at the top. This helps them have more control over where the ball is traveling.

However, when putting, many professional golfers, such as Jordan Spieth, grip the shaft with their non-dominant hand at the bottom and their dominant hand at the top. In other words, they hold the club as a left-handed person would – with the left hand nearer the bottom but with their left shoulder pointing towards the target.

This is called a reverse grip.

When asked why they do this, they argue this helps improve their accuracy when they hit the ball over the shorter distance on the putting green.

There have been studies to determine if this grip does improve your accuracy, such as this recent study conducted by King’s College, London, UK.

Academics involved in the study believed that a ‘reversed-grip’ might not differentiate players at the highest level. Still, it may benefit those wishing to reach the professional status as it seems to make a difference among beginners.

However, this stance might feel unnatural, and you should seek the advice of a professional coach.

I’m naturally left-handed. I began playing right-handed before switching to my natural method following some bad advice.

As you can see in the below photo, I’m playing left-handed using a left-handed club. When driving, my right hand (my weakest) is at the top of the shaft, and my left hand (my strongest) is underneath it for more power.

Left Handed Golfer Using Left Handed Club at Driving Range

Tips For Left-Handed Golf Players

Only fifteen percent of the population is left-handed, so it is only natural to assume that the golfing industry will also cater to the right-handed community.

As a left-handed player, if you wish to become a proficient golfer, you might need to learn from a left-handed coach. Or at least a coach who can explain golfing from a left-handed perspective, as playing left-handed golf is essentially the mirror image of playing right-handed golf.

However, professional golfers say it is worth young golfers trying to play golf both with a left-handed and a right-handed stance and see which way is best. Being left-dominant does not mean your golfing stance will also be left-handed.

Some players are ambidextrous. For example, Jordan Spieth plays baseball left-handed but swings a golf club right-handed.

When Speith was recently asked should you play golf left or right-handed? he replied, “I think whichever one you feel like you’ve got more power with is the better way to go right now.” He then says that young players can later learn to control the ball as they get older.

Professional golfers also recommend not settling for playing right-handed golf if you prefer left-handed. They say that your performance will be greatly limited by doing so, and it is best to learn the right way.

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If you start out using right-handed golf clubs, don’t be afraid to switch to left-handed clubs in the future, as this will undoubtedly improve your game.

If you want to buy left-handed golf clubs, it would be best to search for them at specialized golf stores or online. Even though left-handed golf clubs might not be readily available everywhere, they are worth investing in.

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Final Thoughts

Here are the key points of the article.

You can’t use right-handed clubs to play golf if you are a left-handed golfer as you’d be hitting the ball with the rear of the clubhead. However, you can reverse your grip when putting, as some players say it gives them more control over the ball.

The only difference between a right-handed and a left-handed golf club is the direction the head faces.

If you’re in any doubt, my best advice would be to go to a driving range. Most ranges do have hire clubs. Hire a couple of right and left-handed ones. Swing away and see what suits you best. Then go and see a coach and get confirmation.

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