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Essential Guide To How Many Golf Clubs A Beginner Needs

It can be daunting to be a beginner in golf, especially when it’s an expensive sport that you don’t want to invest in right away. The maximum amount of golf clubs that you can have in your bag is 14. However, this doesn’t imply that you need all 14 clubs. So, how many golf clubs does a beginner need?

A beginner should start with only seven golf clubs. These are a driver, putter, sand wedge, 6-iron, 8-iron, pitching wedge, and a fairway wood or hybrid. They all have various functions requiring different techniques but are a wide enough range of clubs great for beginner players.

Essentially, you could begin playing golf with as little as three clubs – a driver, putter, and an 8-iron. A good suggestion would be to try out these clubs before you commit to buying them. This article will explore precisely what golf clubs a beginner should start with. 

A Set of Golf Clubs. How Many Golf Clubs Does A Beginner Need?

How Many Golf Clubs Does A Beginner Need?

How many golf clubs you need as a beginner does depend slightly on how you will be getting those clubs. If you plan to rent a few clubs at your local golf club to see if you like the sport, you could actually go for three main clubs – a driver, putter, and a 7 or 8 iron.

All three golf clubs have different functions and require different techniques from the golf player. The driver generally covers the tee shot, the putter is used on the green, and the 7 or 8 iron is universal.

These three clubs would be necessary for your first few lessons and golf shots. Of course, you could add more clubs as you go along with practice and as you experiment with the game.

“As a beginner, I swapped the driver for a 3 wood as I found it gave me more accuracy and control. I felt it was more important than distance in my development as a golfer.”

Golf Educate

However, if you plan to buy a starter golf set or kit before commencing your first lessons, buying 7 to 10 clubs would be better. The first seven golf clubs can include:

  1. Driver
  2. Putter
  3. 6-iron
  4. 8-iron
  5. Pitching wedge
  6. Sand wedge
  7. Fairway wood/hybrid

The next three that beginners can add are another fairway wood, a 7-iron, and 9-iron. The total number and the type of golf clubs a beginner will have will also depend on the advice of their coaches.

Buying the complete set of golf clubs from the start before really getting into the sport isn’t recommended. Starting with approximately 7-10 different clubs will give you enough scope to enjoy various shots and ease you into the sport.

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3 Golf Clubs

How Many Clubs Do You Need For Golf?

Golfers can have a total of 14 golf clubs in their bags. The standard, however, is to have 12 clubs, which include the putter, three woods (driver, 3-wood, and 5-wood), and eight irons (pitching wedge and 3-9 irons).

You can add two more clubs to make up the complete set. These two clubs vary from player to player, either a hybrid driver or a sand wedge.

There are reasons why a maximum of 14 clubs are used for golf. Firstly, a rather obvious one is that the bag would be too heavy if you added more clubs. Secondly, 14 golf clubs are already pretty expensive, so anything above that would up the costs.

Lastly, a set number of clubs allow for more creativity on the players’ part. It is based on the technique and individuality of the players’ shots and not entirely on the functioning of the different clubs.

Although 14 is the maximum number of golf clubs you can have, you can play with fewer clubs, whether a beginner or pro. That is up to the golf player.

Beginner Golf Club Sets For Men, Women, And Kids

If you are aiming to buy a beginner set, it’s essential to know that there are different types of sets – a general set for men, women, and kids. They usually contain the same number of clubs with subtle differences between the sets.

The general beginner golf sets are targeted at men but can also be used by anyone. Two things to consider here are the golfer’s height and swing speed.

Women’s beginner golf sets are slightly different as the clubs are sometimes shorter with more flex for a higher swing speed. These beginner clubs also tend to have more loft, which helps women launch the ball to the required heights.

You also generally get beginner golf club sets geared towards kids. The clubs are shorter in length, and sometimes fewer clubs are included.

Fewer clubs make these sets cheaper, as kids might not always follow through with the sport as beginner adults do. Boys 12 years and over usually would start with a ladies’ set.

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The Cost Of Beginner Golf Club Sets

Overall, the cost of golf clubs is a significant consideration for those wanting to begin golf. It’s no secret that the gear and equipment for golf are costly, and you may not want to invest so much at the early stages.

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If you plan on buying a golf set with the clubs already picked out for you, it usually ranges between $150 to $200 for junior golfers. For adults, it’s more expensive, ranging between $250 and $550 for a beginner set.

A professional golf retail shop should have the integrity to advise you. They may even have second-hand sets traded in by golfers further along in their development which you can purchase at a good discount.

You could supplement your set with other types of golf clubs later on. You could also go to a club fitter once you get more serious. A club fitter considers the correct length and weight of the clubs for the individual player.

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When you’re a novice golfer, the most critical aspect is practicing and having lessons. Expensive clubs won’t help you all that much in the beginning. However, better clubs start to matter once you play more seriously or become professional.

Final Thoughts

Typically, a beginner golfer needs about 7 – 10 golf clubs to start with. If you are less serious about starting golf, you could also get going with as little as three clubs (driver, putter, and an 8-iron).

You can easily rent out or use golf clubs from your local golf academy or golf club. Another option is to buy a beginner golf set that focuses on those clubs necessary for beginners. A second-hand set, which contains cavity back irons, could also be considered.

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