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5 Best Golf Balls For 15 Handicap Players

Golf is a game of endless intricacies that has captured and discouraged players for countless years. The sport offers many discussions and, over the years, many pieces of advice and tips about the game have led golfers astray.

Golf is one of the sports where choosing the right equipment does make a difference. If you’re a 15 handicap player, you’ll want to know the best golf balls to help you improve.

Golf balls have different layers and compression ratings resulting in more spin, distance, and control to help you improve your game. The 5 best golf balls for 15 handicap players are:

  • The Bridgestone Tour B RX
  • Titleist Pro V1x
  • Mizuno RB Tour X
  • Titleist Tour Speed
  • Vice Pro Plus

Every golf player aspires to become a scratch player, and improving just one or two on your handicap is no easy task. Finding the right club shoes and even lessons from a pro can significantly improve your game, but did you know that the right golf ball can also do miracles for your game?

Here are the 5 best golf balls to improve your game if you are a 15 handicap player.

Best Golf Balls For 15 Handicap. Golf balls.

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Best 15 Handicap Golf Balls That Can Change Your Game

The majority of golfers are mid-handicap players. Due to the vast options of golf balls available, this may be an advantage, but it can also make things more confusing.

Not all players struggle with the same problems. Some have a hard time getting distance, others keeping it straight and, like most following up on a good short game after an impressive drive.

Compression rating describes the hardness or softness of a golf ball and ranges between 30 for the softest and 120 for the hardest. Softer golf balls generate more distance and spin but are harder to control, whereas harder balls have better control but are less forgiving.

As a 15 handicap player, it is essential to identify what golf ball will improve your game. Let’s look at the golf balls that will help with that choice and give you a better chance to bring your handicap down. One of the top golf balls on this list can surely help to improve your golf game. 

1. Bridgestone Tour B RX

The Bridgestone Tour B RX is a fantastic choice for players with a 15 handicap. This golf ball is the ultimate to help your performance if your swing speed is under 105.

The satisfaction you are looking for when hitting the perfect drive combined with excellent control in your short game makes the Bridgestone Tour B RX a good option.

The Bridgestone Tour B RX has a reactive urethane cover and a fast core that gives better control around the greens. It performs with all the top golf balls for distance and spin to give you the edge you need. After three rounds of golf, the Tour B RX still allows for the same distance and spin as the first round. 

Golf Course

2. Titleist Pro V1x

The Titleist Pro V1x is a very popular golf ball and gets a lot of attention, but the attention is for a good reason.

Although the spin from the Titleist Pro V1x is excellent, the distance this ball produces, even with low club speed, is where 15 handicap players will notice the difference.

The Pro V1x will impress you with the amount of spin it generates and stop where you want it to. Without too much change in your golf game, the spin the Pro V1x delivers can be the key to a mid-handicap player’s ball control.

The Pro V1x golf ball is created with premium materials, although it cuts more than you may like. Extra balls could be necessary to carry you through the season. 

3. Mizuno RB Tour X

The Mizuno RB Tour X might surprise you and is one of the top choices for a 15 handicap player. This ball loses about 5 yards in driving distance but does not affect your distance with irons.

Then what is it doing on my top 5 list, you ask? Well, in simple terms, this golf ball outshines its competitors with spin.

The Mizuno RB Tour X is a show-stopper for your short game. The golf ball consists of four pieces, including a urethane cover, making it very responsive when playing greens.

Approach shots to the green and chips shots have never been this easy and make this golf ball remarkable. If your short game needs attention, the Mizuno RB Tour X will surely help and might even lower your handicap. 

Golf Ball on a Tee. Best Golf Ball for Mid Handicap Player.

4. Titleist Tour Speed

Most 15 handicap players have different swing speeds. The Titleist Tour Speed is the right choice if you have a fast club speed and want to capitalize on it.

If you want an exceptional launch and roll that seems to go on forever, the Titleist Tour Speed will provide that and more. The distance this ball generates rivals even the Pro V1x and is a more affordable ball. 

When you need to spin with your wedge, the Titleist Tour Speed will not perform as well and will not back up and run off the green. The Titleist Tour Speed performs average with wedges and approach shots, but don’t let it discourage you from buying it.

If you have a high club speed, you already generate natural spin to compensate for the lack of spin generated by the Titleist Tour Speed.  

5. Vice Pro Plus

As a 15 handicap player, you most likely need distance and better control to improve your game and lower your handicap.

The Vice Pro Plus is an excellent dual-performance golf ball, especially if you have a low club speed.

The technology in this ball rivals the best distance balls available today and produces a low spin to help keep your ball straight and add those extra yards you need.

Around the greens, the Vice Pro Plus will deliver that needed spin and have no trouble stopping where needed.

Mid handicap golfers often struggle with spin in their short game, and if you pair the Vice Pro Plus with the right wedge and technique, it will give you that desired spin. The Vice Pro Plus keeps its shape even after a few challenging games and comes in various colors if you want to switch things up.

“Vice Pro Plus balls are also very economically priced compared to other brands and are now certainly becoming more popular in competitions and clubs where I play at.”

Golf Educate
John Waddington
Playing at Bentham Golf Club, North Yorks, UK

Final Thoughts

All golfers aspire to reach a single-digit handicap, and if you are a 15 handicap player, you are most likely practicing distance, control, or spin to improve your golf game and achieve that goal. Like clubs and lessons, the right golf balls can also improve your game.

There are numerous golf balls for mid-handicap players, but some are better equipped for your specific game.

The Bridgestone Tour B RX, Titleist Pro V1x, Mizuno RB Tour X, Titleist Tour Speed, and Vice Pro Plus are the best golf balls for 15 handicap players, and one of them will surely help you improve.

These golf balls are designed to help control distance or spin. Choosing the one that best fits your game can either bring down your handicap or make your golf day one to look forward to.

And always remember to clean and replace your ball when required, but stay within the rules of changing balls when doing so!

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