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4 Best Golf Irons For 5 Handicap Players

Becoming a 5 handicap golfer takes a lot of effort, practice, and patience. It takes hard work to maintain a 5 handicap and lowering it becomes increasingly difficult, especially if you are a low handicap player. Every golfer aspires to improve, so it may be time to replace those old irons. Let us look at the best irons for 5 handicap golfers.

The 4 best golf irons for 5 handicap players are:

  • Titleist T100
  • TaylorMade P770
  • PING i59
  • Srixon ZX7

Golf irons are designed to accomplish specific results. Control, spin, solid contact, and distance are essential to maintain and improve a handicap.

Nothing beats that feeling of solid contact with your golf ball and when the iron makes your swing feel effortless. When everything goes well, golf is a very satisfying game, but when it seems like the golf ball has a mind of its own, frustration is all too familiar.

In this article, I’ll tell you the best irons for a 5 handicap player to help eliminate those discouraging moments.

Best Irons For 5 Handicap

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And, if you want to know the best irons for a 5-handicap player, you won’t be disappointed. Let’s tee off!

Best Irons for 5 Handicap

Taking your golf game to the next level will need careful consideration, especially your choice of irons. Various irons are on the market, and each iron targets specific golfer needs. Every aspect needs consideration if you want to find the best iron and are a 5 handicap.

Some irons are more forgiving and easier to control but fall short on the distance; others give distance but take more skill to control. As a 5 handicap, you most likely have distance or ball control mastered but need small changes to accomplish that desired outcome.

“Manufacturers deliver excellent iron options for every aspect of the game, and the right choice of iron can be what you need.”

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In my list of best irons for a 5 handicap player, some irons give better control and spin, but you may need to improve your ball contact or hope for those few extra yards to put you closer to a birdie. Each of these sets of irons is unique in its ability to help a 5 handicap golfer maximize their potential.

The Titleist’s T100, TaylorMade’s P770, PING’s i59, and Srixon’s ZX7 are the best sets of irons for a 5 handicap. Choosing the correct iron will greatly improve your game and reduce your handicap.

I’ll summarize the benefits and features of these irons and their individual qualities. A closer look at these irons will give you a better understanding of finding the one that suits your handicap.

Bentham Golf Course

1. Titleist T100

The most impressive iron is the Titleist T100. This phenomenal iron is expertly designed and scores high on the list of top irons for low handicap players.

Its compact shape and classic design include a forged cavity and a tungsten weighting in its three to seven irons that provide forgiveness with off-center contact. Designers combined technology with a beauty that puts Titleist T100 irons above its competitors.

The Titleist T100 glides through the turf without losing that solid feel and softness on impact. These irons have an extra chamber on the sole and swing effortlessly through the ball.

Low handicappers will find the T100, especially the longer irons, comfortable playing with. The Titleist T100 combines control, good launch, and accuracy with consistency making it an excellent iron for a 5 handicap.

2. TaylorMade P770

The TaylorMade P770 should be an iron to consider if you need those extra yards. This great iron caters to the ball-striking golfer who seeks distance with a touch of forgiveness. With excellent control and a seven iron that can exceed 170 yards, 5 handicap players will find the P770 a great addition to their game.

TaylorMade’s P770 is hollow-body irons with speed foam inside the club head to limit vibrations. The foam improves the experience of the P770 without compromising on distance and ball speed.

The P770 has a high launch to help with control and accuracy and a speed pocket in its sole that provides for excellent low-struck shots. These irons are beautiful and a great addition to a 5 handicap.

I must admit, I like the P770 Irons, which are my eldest son’s iron of choice. He has always had great distance off the tee in his game but struggled to hit his second shot consistently well. They have allowed him to ‘drop down’ a club on his approach play to the green.

The distance and control given to him by the irons have allowed him to confidently club down and play more precise shots into the pin.

TaylorMade P770 Irons
My son’s TaylorMade P770 Irons

3. PING i59

The i59 is a complex iron design with an aluminum core that allows manufacturers to add weight to the heel and toe to boost stability without increasing the size of the iron.

Adding to PING’s excellent design, four more grooves than its predecessor, the iBlade was added to reduce fliers and finished with Hydropearl to keep water off the face to improve consistency.

Low handicap players find that PING’s inspiring i59 creates a fast feeling and delivers consistency across the face. PING’s i59 produces accurate approach shots, excellent ball speed, and a high launch angle for amazing control if you want to improve your short game.

With all the benefits of these irons, 5 handicap players should consider adding it to their golf bag. 

4. Srixon ZX7

The Srixon ZX7 is the ultimate iron technology, and its unique design makes it a must for low handicap golfers. The modern ZX7 completes its look with a cavity back and a forged blade that gives excellent playability.

A smaller blade, combined with a thinner topline and less offset, gives a 5 handicap player an advantage to achieve maximum control with the Srixon ZX7.

The seven iron of Srixon’s ZX7 series has a 32⁰ loft and will likely provide a greater distance than other forged irons. Because of a small tungsten weight in its toe, the ZX7 shifts the sweet spot to the center hitting area of the club face, and nothing compares to the sound as the ball hits that sweet spot.

The ZX7 should be in your golf bag if you want to enjoy a soft feel and greater distance when striking the ball.

Final Thoughts

When answering the question, “what are the best irons for 5 handicap players?” you should consider that an average set of irons will only get you so far in golf.

Becoming a scratch player takes a lot of patience and dedication, but the right irons can help a 5 handicap player reach that goal faster – without the frustrations. Most golfers only need minor changes, and adding one of my four best irons for 5 handicap players to your golf bag will make any golf day a great day.

Titleist’s T100, TaylorMade’s P770, PING’s i59, and Srixon’s ZX7 are, by far, the best irons for 5 handicap players. Unique in their way, these irons are suited to advance your golf game to the next level. Whether you need better control, spin, or distance, one of these irons will deliver and exceed every expectation to help you lower your handicap.

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