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9 Longest Golf Balls In The World In 2023

Distance. We all want more of it! No golfer has ever said they are happy with their distance from the pros to the beginner and everyone in between. Your choice of golf ball is one way to improve your distance.

The 9 longest golf balls globally are:

  • Titleist Velocity
  • Titleist Pro V1
  • TaylorMade Distance Plus
  • TaylorMade Noodle
  • Callaway SuperSoft
  • Callaway SuperHot
  • Vice Pro Plus
  • MG Senior Ball (USGA non-conforming)
  • Bandit Maximum Distance (USGA non-conforming)

Adding distance to your tee shots and overall game can often mean the difference between a 92 and a sub-90 or an 85 and an 80. Those extra yards sure do impact your game, so let’s tee off with the longest golf balls and see how using these could give you that little bit more!

Longest Golf Balls

Longest Golf Balls (Best Golf Balls For Distance)

Aside from consistency and accuracy, distance is one of those aspects of golf that is never satisfied. Golf is a lot more fun when you can hit the ball further, making the game easier. Distance allows you to feel you have some mastery over this game. 

There are many golf ball options on the market, but not all are designed to be used across great distances. Nonetheless, golf ball quality does matter.

Let’s look at my picks of the longest golf balls if you want to hit a golf ball further and improve your range.

1. The Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Ball

Like Smokey and The Bandit, this golf ball is the first of two balls on the list that doesn’t conform to USGA ball standards as they feel it goes ‘unfairly’ far and so has been classed as illegal by the USGA for tournament play.

But there’s nothing to stop you from playing with these in non-tournament rounds and adding a good deal of yardage to your shots. This ball performs so well because of the various design elements from the core to the cover and the dimples used to boost aerodynamics and the roll and spin.

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The Bandit Ball Uses Optimum Gram Weight For More Roll

Hitting a golf ball is always a great feeling, but watching it stop dead and not roll can be soul-crushing after you have flushed it! Using Optimum Gram Weight gives the Bandit more roll on landing, adding to the distance.

It has the lowest OGW of any ball on the market, giving the Bandit more distance and more roll on those off-center hits.

Lower Drag Coefficient Through Dimple Design

The less drag on the ball, the further it goes, and with the dual radius 338 dimple design, the Bandit produces lower drag and thus less resistance when it interacts with the air in flight and travels further regardless of how you hit it.

Bandit’s Super-Reactive Core For Increased Ball Speed

We all know that the core construction of the golf ball is one of the main elements that give the ball its distance. The more efficient the energy transfer is and how it is utilized in the core are proportional to the distance achieved.

Bandit’s super reactive core is long-lasting and designed to maximize the conversion of impact force into kinetic energy for greater distance and consistency and lower velocity loss.

The Bandit also delivers enhanced spin and control from the soft polymer shell; these golf balls have a great feel and durability that should please many amateur players and annoy their playing partners as you outdrive them time and again!

Remember that these golf balls are not legal under the USGA rules for tournament play, so if you are playing competitively and looking for a ball that gives a longer distance, the Bandit would not be an option.

If you only play weekends and very little competition, then, by all means, go ahead and smoke some down the fairway!

2. MG Senior Golf Balls

The MG Senior ball is another non-conforming golf ball, and for the senior players of 50 and over will certainly add a few yards to your game.

Like the Bandit above, they are not legal for tournament play, but if you want to impress the youngsters you play with, the MG Senior could be the next ball in your bag.

The extra distance will certainly help to drop around 3-4 strokes off your round, but be aware that they are not the best for holding greens as they are harder, but this also adds 1-1/2 clubs extra distance on irons, so if picking up 20-25 yards appeals to you, then grab yourself a few sleeves and take it on!

Now that we’ve dealt with the ‘illegal’ balls, let’s move on to the USGA-approved golf balls, and we’ll look at the longest balls that some of the brands offer, starting with Titleist.

3. Titleist Velocity

With no introduction needed to Titleist, they have some of the longest golf balls available, and of course, they are USGA approved.

This two-piece ball has a highly reactive, high-speed core, which is the heart of the distance achieved by this ball and delivers a high flight with low spin, ideal for longer distances.

Titleist’s innovation in producing this ball with a medium-low compression core and their LSX Core Fast technology, along with their dimple pattern, gives the Velocity plenty of speed and gives you that extra distance you need.

The 350 Octahedral Dimple Pattern is designed to improve launch and height for a longer travel time in the air. They are also compatible with various swing speeds and come in various colors.

Like many Titleist balls, these are not the cheapest by any means, but if it’s the distance you are after, the Velocity will certainly give you that every time.

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4. Titleist Pro V1

As one of the most popular premium 3-piece balls on the market, these are suited to mid and high-speed swings and provide optimum distance, control, and spin, which is why they are so well respected and liked by low handicappers and pros alike.

The power core and speed-enhanced casing layer and a thinner cover give the control and spin, and the high compression rating with the soft urethane cover is perfectly suited for the higher swing speed players.

A test done on golf ball distance off the tee in 2021 showed that the Titleist Pro V1 Left Dash was the longest, with the Tour Speed ball coming in second and the Pro V1 in fourth place.

While testing balls can produce variable results, it is clear that Titleist golf balls are certainly up there, albeit on the more pricey side, if you want more distance.

5. TaylorMade Distance Plus

Nothing is ever simple with all things golf, and golf balls need to be offered to players with different swing speeds and skill levels so everyone can take advantage.

Rated as the longest golf ball of 2022 on, and we all know the caliber of that man even with the unconventional swing, the TaylorMade Distance Plus is a two-piece golf ball using a larger core to increase distance.

Reducing the effect of unwanted sidespin and improved aerodynamics in the dimple design with their REACT Speed Core’s low compression rating contributes to gaining big yards with this ball. The ionomer cover added to feel and control and scuff resistance make them more durable.

With the harder core, though, these balls are aimed at the average golfer with a slower swing speed looking for more distance but bear in mind that although the feel is good, it won’t be the same as balls aimed at the lower handicap market.

A bonus is the Plus Alignment aid, so you can align and make more putts while getting more distance and achieving good control and feel around the greens.

6. TaylorMade Noodle Long And Soft Golf Balls

When it comes to affordable, high-quality golf balls, the Noodle Long and Soft tick many boxes, especially on the price ticket.

This two-piece ball with the Impact Propulsion core provides serious distance off the tee, and its dimple design pattern promotes straighter shots. While this ball will not fly straight if you slice or hook it, it will fly straighter on those off-center hits with reduced sidespin.

The iothane cover is durable and provides a soft feel found in the more expensive balls, and you can expect more distance from both irons and drivers with these. So if the thought of spending a lot on getting more distance doesn’t appeal to you, get the Noodles.

7. Callaway SuperSoft

Callaway golf balls have come a long way, much like their golf gear has, and their golf balls rank as some of the longest available and for all different skill levels and swing speeds.

These two-piece ultra-low compression golf balls deliver extra distance even at low swing speeds. Don’t let the name Supersoft fool you, as the hex dimple pattern reduces drag and improves lift to optimize your carry distance.

The ionomer cover gives you that soft feel and control around the greens, and with the extra yardage gained, your scores are sure to come down. Plus, you benefit from straighter ball flight, so further, straighter without losing feel and control – this one is a winner.

8. Callaway SuperHot 2020 Bold Matte Golf Balls

Leaving the best for last from the Callaway stable, the SuperHot is one of the longest golf balls available for beginners, seniors, and other players that don’t have blistering swing speed.

Considering that this is most average golfers, the SuperHot is growing in popularity. The rewards of distance, straighter flight, and good softness and feel around the greens make this a great overall ball!

Like other premium balls listed here, this is not a two-piece ball but a three-piece, so already the feel and control will be better, and it won’t feel so hard off the clubface as a two-piece ball would.

The SuperHot has a higher compression rating than the SuperSoft, and the extra layer makes it a versatile choice for a wide variety of golfers. In providing that lower spin on distance, combined with the feel of the three-piece construction, the SuperHot 2020 Matte Bold would not be out of place in any bag.

9. Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

Of all the golf balls reviewed here, this is the only one that is a four-piece, and while you may think that these balls would not go as far as the two or three-piece balls, well, that is not the case here.

The Vice Pro Plus competes with the Pro V1, and while some may not have heard of this ball, the Pro V1 is a three-piece, while the Vice’s extra layers mean greater compression, which blasts these balls far into the blue!

As a four-piece ball, the Vice Pro Plus is aimed at the higher skill levels in the game, but the real beauty of these Vice Pros is that while they provide those extra yards, the four-piece construction also delivers higher spin shots of the irons and short clubs, as would be expected.

This is a crucial aspect for more experienced players as they can play the touch and feel shots with confidence and achieve greater distances off the tee and from their irons and wedges while still controlling the flight and shape.

The softer urethane cover provides the control needed for this level of the game, while the extra layer on the casing gives that extra distance, and all in all, this is great for all-around better golf.

The dimple design provides better aerodynamics, lower drag, and better lift, while the UV-resistant coating and cover give good durability and consistency. You can’t ask for more than that!

Golf Balls

Let’s Wrap This Up!

These are the longest balls for 2023, and you can be confident that even better distance golf balls are on their way unless the R&A and USGA take heed of the growing issues around ball distances and decide to limit the ball’s capacity.

The search for more distance will continue as long as golf is around, as most golfers can never get enough yardage. What’s important with choosing a ball for better distance is that you know your swing and match the ball that gives you the best results for your game.

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