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7 Best Golf Shoe Brands (2022 Update)

The brand and quality of shoes for most sports that require you to be on your feet a lot should be an important consideration for all players. Golf is no different, and here are the golf shoe brands that are the best for those long hours of walking.

There are several manufacturers of golf shoes, but the best golf shoe brands are:

  1. Adidas
  2. Footjoy
  3. Ecco
  4. Puma
  5. Nike
  6. Under Armour
  7. G/FORE

Each brand has various models and designs that aim at comfort, breathability, stability, and grip. The models are either spiked or spikeless.

Good shoes are perhaps underrated in how important they are for golf. In fact, some beginners looking to save a few dollars will even ask me whether you actually need golf shoes.

But you have to ensure that your feet don’t slip too much when you’re hitting your big shots, which could influence where the ball goes and ultimately affect your score.

Best Golf Shoe Brands

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Or, if you just want to know which are the best golf shoe brands in 2022, you’re in the right place. Let’s get started!

1. Adidas

The Adidas brand has been considered one of the best brands for golf shoes for quite a while. They offer a range of different shoes focusing on various aspects, like comfort, style, and performance. The Boost technology is one of the best things about most Adidas golf shoes, ensuring the best comfort.

My boys and I have had many pairs of Adidas between us and one thing is for sure – they can last several years and stand up to the British winter very well.

Adidas Golf Shoes
My youngest son’s Adidas spikeless golf shoes

Adidas Tour360 22

In golf, you can get spiked or spikeless shoes, and the one you choose comes down to personal preference. These Adidas golf shoes are a firm favorite among many golfers. It is one of the best-spiked shoes of 2022.

Both have advantages and disadvantages, depending on what you need from the shoes. The one benefit of spiked shoes is that they are clearly better in wetter conditions as the tread is good and stable.

The cleats of this shoe are placed in the shoe base, so there is excellent grip, but they do not look so obvious. Another advantage of this design is that golfers won’t lose their spikes.

This shoe has Adidas proprietary cushioning called Boost throughout the shoe’s length, providing ultimate comfort. It is also lightweight but still has enough stability. Although it is very comfortable due to its snug fit and cushioning, it is a performance shoe with an EVA stability frame around the front.

It consists of leather on the upper side, which is also 100% waterproof, protecting your feet on rainy days. Adidas offers a one-year waterproof warranty to ensure you get what you paid for. To support sustainability, Adidas has also added certain recyclable materials to the shoe.

The Tour360 22 comes in four colors: black, white, white/navy, and white/blue/orange. The sizes range from 6.5 to 12, and the style includes a broader look and a natural foot shape. It is designed to conform to the foot’s movement in all directions and golf swings.

Adidas Codechaos 22

The Codechaos 22 is another excellent Adidas product with very high ratings. It is also 100% waterproof, available in sizes 6 to 14, and comes in up to 7 different colors. It comes in two other options: laced or BOA. Some recycled materials are also used in the materials of this shoe.

Compared to the Tour360 22, it has much more sporty and athletic appeal. The colors are a bit quirkier, and the shoe overall looks striking.

Performance aspects include excellent grip and great overall support. Specifically, the Twistgrip traction is used in the Codechaos.

The Codechaos 22 comes with an outsole that wraps around the bottom of the shoe, adding to its interesting look. This component and the Boost technology from Adidas give these shoes five stars for comfort. It is so comfortable you can forget you’re wearing golf shoes while on the course.

2. Footjoy

Footjoy is a well-known brand of men’s and women’s golf shoes in several different styles. They have spiked, spikeless, classic-looking, and more casual-athletic shoes. Golfers can even customize their pair of shoes.

Footjoy Premiere Series Field

Going for the more classic-looking golf shoe is the Footjoy Premiere Series Field shoe. It comes in several colors and is considered Footjoy’s signature line. In addition to their timeless and classical appeal, these shoes are comfortable and functional in several ways.

The shoes are lightweight, perhaps surprisingly so due to their more traditional design. They consist of a waterproof leather upper and have an innovative pattern on the sole to prevent slipping. It is very stylish and comfortable but does not compromise performance.

The grip on these shoes is the VersaTrax+ outsole, but there are cleated options in other versions of Footjoy. The elegant look is one of the best things about these shoes, with a classic golf feel; however, this might not be for everyone. Golfers who enjoy a sportier look might prefer other brands.

Footjoy Pro SL 2022

Building on the classic look of the Premiere Series Field is the Footjoy Pro SL 2022 shoes. These can be considered updated classic golf shoes, emphasizing comfort without needing to break the shoes in. It is a spikeless shoe with excellent stability on the course.

These shoes take the elegant look of Footjoy and add a more athletic twist to them. The outer sole provides all the grip you need, even in wet weather. It looks clean and smart and is available in four main colors.

My current spikeless golf shoes are a pair of Footjoy casual-athletic shoes that can be worn in the bar after playing, thus allowing you to save valuable seconds with no need to change footwear when heading for that all important after round drink! 

Spikeless Golf Shoes
My Footjoy spikeless golf shoes

3. Ecco

Ecco golf shoes aim to provide golfers with the most comfortable shoes without compromising durability and performance. Their shoe models are stylish and include various technologies which is why they feature on my list of the best golf shoe brands.

Ecco Golf Biom C4

Another spikeless golf shoe, this Ecco shoe, has lots of technology in its design. It is extremely comfortable and has good breathability. It has a bit of a sneaker style as opposed to the more traditional golf shoe look, which looks built for comfort but also endurance and performance.

One of the technologies used is the Ecco Exhaust Grid which is responsible for breathability. It simply brings cool outside air toward the foot’s sole to keep it dry and cool.

“It goes towards the more athletic look for a golf shoe, which might attract some younger players.”

Golf Educate

Additionally, the Gore-Tex Ortholite insole makes it even more breathable, perhaps the most breathable golf shoe on the market. You can also remove the insole if the shoe requires more width. However, removing the insole will not make the shoe any less comfortable, as there is still the same amount of general cushioning.

Ecco Golf Core

This model of Ecco shoes is one of the best golf shoes for lots of practice and endless walking on the course. It is a spikeless shoe that is relatively light and breathable with a bit of a sneaker or street style. Towards the top ankle side of the shoe is an elastic sock construction which adds to its sporty look.

This particular style is considered a hybrid shoe as you can easily wear it off the course too. It has the EDTS Twist outsole, which gives it a strong and durable structure. The shoe’s design allows you to slip it on and off easily.

Although it has mesh on top, it is water-repellant. So, golfers can wear it on wet days; and on hot days, its breathability will keep your feet cool.

4. Puma

Puma Golf comes out with new and improved shoes every year; hence they easily make my list of the best golf shoe brands. They have various models, and most come in different variations, including the regular lace-up model and a dial-up Disc one. They focus on support, comfort, traction, and style.

Golfer about to strike a golf ball.

Puma Ignite Fasten8 Pro

One of the best shoes for golf, the Ignite Fasten8 Pro is comfortable, light, and spikeless. The shoe’s microfibre is waterproof and is probably best known as an all-rounder shoe. It has quite a plain and simple design and, therefore, is quite versatile.

It may even come across as an everyday trainer or sporting shoe. However, the innovation and design include several aspects catered to a golfer’s needs.

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The Ignite Foam sole gives the shoe more comfort towards the heel. It comes in three different variations: the standard laced one, the pro, and the disc, which uses dials to tighten the laces.

The laces have an innovative design where nylon webbing straps are involved in an interesting lacing system to ensure that the foot is very secure once laced up. The stability comes from the eight webbing straps being secured beneath the foot, which means any foot shape and size will feel locked in and secure.

Puma Proadapt Alphacat

This Puma shoe is without spikes and is one of the best waterproof golf shoes, which is great for unpredictable weather. It has a mesh upper as well as a TPU film for support. The traction is excellent, especially for wet conditions, and it has many lugs and rubber cleats for grip.

It has a great athletic style which suits many other sports as well. It does not exclusively look like a golf shoe and can also be worn as a trainer in between golf sessions.

The materials used are made for comfort, high energy return, and impact resistance. The proprietary Adapt foam is used with EVA cushioning and a specific type of polymer for impact resistance.

5. Nike

Nike not only has a reputation in most of the sporting world but also highly in golf. They are well known for their golfing gear, apparel, and shoes.

Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour

The Air Zoom Victory Tour golf shoes are waterproof, incredibly comfortable (due to the Air Zoom insert), and have a sporty yet slightly classic golf look. This particular type of Nike golf shoe is a spike model which comes in three basic colors – black, white, and turquoise.

However, if you are not used to spikes, they can take a little while to get used to.

Interestingly, there were designed with Rory Mcllroy’s swing in mind, analyzing data from the swing and incorporating it into the design of these shoes.

The grip is good due to the spikes, so they offer great traction. It has a hybrid sole with a spikeless grip as well.

Spiked Golf Shoes

6. Under Armour

Under Armour offers a range of golf shoes in different colors and styles. They are also mostly waterproof, with lightweight membranes that ensure your feet stay dry and cool.

Under Armour Hovr Tour SL

This Under Armour model is one of the best golf shoes on the market. It is spikeless, waterproof, and is known for creating a locked-in feeling for the feet. Initially, it might feel a little firm, but it still provides comfort and cushioning.

The spikeless outsole is why it is known by golfers, as the design includes a combination of TPU on the center of the outsole and rubber points on the heel and the toe. The grip is, therefore, excellent for all weather conditions.

The design ideally aids the movement of the feet, where the parts that need more stability are secure, and other areas are more flexible for movement.

Under Armour Spieth 5

Another top golf shoe from Under Armour, the Spieth 5, is a spikeless UA Storm waterproof shoe. They were designed with input from golf professional Jordan Spieth. The shoe has a clarino microfibre upper and has an excellent grip on the outer sole.

This specific model from Under Armour is only available in white which looks great on the course but can be a bit more challenging to keep clean in muddy and wet conditions. Sizing options are varied, with half sizes available and options for wider feet too.


G/FORE golf shoes have a signature massage footbed, providing golfers with the best comfort and breathability. With its high density, the inner sole is really the selling point of these golf shoes, making it easier for golfers to be on their feet for hours on end.


A spikeless golf shoe by G/FORE is one of the best choices for practicing at the driving range or playing on the course. It is also a waterproof shoe great for all conditions, as well as very versatile in terms of where you can wear it.

It is lightweight and comes in models for both men and women. The MG4 has an EVA midsole which offers coziness while being on your feet all day. The design of this shoe is quite stylish, and the material is the kind that is easy to clean.

In relation to cleaning, the foam insoles are removable so that you can wash them separately. The 3D molded heel cup is there for extra support.

Let’s Wrap This Up!

If you’re looking to buy some golf shoes and are wondering which brand to go for, the best golf shoe brands include Adidas, Footjoy, Ecco, Puma, Nike, Under Armour, and G/FORE.

These shoes are either spiked or spikeless, focusing on comfort, grip, and performance. Each brand offers various models with different styles, technologies, and colors.

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