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How Much Do Pro Golfers Weigh?

Watching pro golf on TV can often be misleading when trying to gauge the weight and height of the golfers, as camera angles may not reflect the body proportion of the world’s best golfers. As you watch the pros tee off, you may wonder if the size of the players matters. So how much do golfers weigh?

On average, a pro golfer weighs in at around 180lbs and has an average height of 6 feet. Of course, the weight and size of pro golfers have little to no effect on their basic golfing skills, as we will see from some of the examples of players on the PGA Tour.

Over the years, there have been some rather well-proportioned players, and the likes of John Daly and Craig Staedler come to mind. Still, as the modern golfer emphasizes physical conditioning, we see slimmer, more muscular builds on display.

But does the weight of the players offer any advantage? Which golfers have the best yards-to-weight ratios? Let’s look at these and other questions you may have about the weight and size of pro golfers.

How Much Do Pro Golfers Weigh?
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Does A Golfer’s Weight Give An Advantage?

The physics of the golf swing would certainly make a case for players that weigh more to hit the ball further, and while this may have been true a few decades ago, modern golf equipment, training, and swing techniques have leveled the playing field on this question.

However, lighter golfers still hit the ball far and have an advantage in the weight-distance ratio when it comes to distance off the tee. While the world marvels at the Bryson show, when it comes to a distance relative to bodyweight, he isn’t even in the top 10!

Golf is one of those games where proper swing technique rather than physical attributes like weight and height count more in terms of ability and success, which is why golf appeals to so many different people of all shapes and sizes.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the heaviest and lightest players on the PGA Tour and check out who hits it longest relative to body weight.

Which Pro Golfers Have The Best Yards-To-Weight Ratios?

Considering the average golfer weighs in at around 180lbs and is 6ft tall, you would think that the top five golfers with the best yards-weight ratio would be elevated and heavy, but the opposite is true.

PGA Pro superstar Rory McIlroy only weighs 160lbs and is not ranked top in this category but only comes in at no 4. Let’s look at the top five players that weigh the least and hit it the farthest.

  • No.5: Joaquin Niemann – With a yards-body ratio of 1.959, Joaquin weighs in at 154lbs and drives the ball 301.4 yards on average. This is 26lbs below the average weight of 180lbs.
  • No.4: Rory McIlroy – Rory’s incredible technique makes him the longest hitter in this top 5, averaging 314 yards off the tee and weighing 160lbs. His yards-weight ratio is only fractionally higher than Niemann’s at 1.963.
  • No.3: Rickie Fowler – Rickie weighs in at a lightweight 150lbs and averages almost 295 yards off the tee with a yards-weight ratio of 1.966.
  • No.2: CT Pan – The lightest of all the golfers in this top 5 is CT Pan, who weighs 145lbs. That’s 35lbs less than the PGA Pro average but can achieve 287 yards off the tee and has a yards-weight ratio of 1.979
  • No.1: Carlos Ortiz – The top spot of PGA Pro weighs the least and hits the ball the furthest belongs to Carlos Ortiz, who weighs in at 150lbs and achieves an average distance of just over 300 yards off the tee! His yards-weight ratio is the highest at 2.002.

These ratios are a measure of efficiency in the swing technique, and as you can see, none of the big hitters are in the top 5, and no player listed in the top 10 weighs over 160 pounds.

So if you thought your inability to hit it far has anything to do with your lack of personal gravity, think again – this only proves that golf is all technique and has very little to do with your body dimensions, whether weight or height.

Rory McIlroy
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Does Height Affect Your Golf Swing For The Better?

Look at the great champions of the past; very few were abjectly tall, with many of them like Palmer, Player, Norman, and Nicklaus being of average height. Tiger Woods weighs in at 185lbs and is 6’1″ tall, slightly over the average.

Look at Ian Woosnam, for example. In his heyday, Woosnam stunned the golfing world with his colossal distance and compact size and inspired many shorter players to pursue the game despite any perceived height disadvantage.

The challenge for taller players is that it will take a bit longer to get to the down position, but once that is appropriately managed, there would be some advantage in the broader swing arc and swing speed.

But again, if you look at the major players, very few of them are exceptionally tall. One example is Dustin Johnson, the former world no. 1 stands 6’4″ tall and weighs 190lbs. John Rahm is another great player, but he only stands 6’2″ and weighs in at 200lbs, and Patrick Cantlay is only 5’10” and weighs around 160lbs.

Another factor with height will be fitting the clubs properly, as being very tall will pose challenges in terms of club lengths and shafts to work with very tall players. In short, being overly tall does not give you any significant advantage in golf.

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Who Are The Heaviest Golfers On The PGA Tour?

We’ve looked at some of the lightest that hit it far, but what about the heaviest? Here is a list of the biggest players on the PGA Tour, past and present, and their weights.

  1. Kevin Stadler/Tim Herron – 250lbs
  2. Mark Calcavecchia – 240lbs
  3. Sepp Straka – 235lbs
  4. Johnson Wagner – 230lbs
  5. Jaco Athers / Bob Sowards / Brendon De Jonge – 230lbs
  6. Kiradech Aphibarnrat – 229lbs
  7. Scott Simpson / Chris Couch / Duffy Waldorf – 225lbs
  8. Brian Smock – 220lbs
  9. John Daly / Darren Clarke – 215lbs
  10. Ernie Els / Angel Cabrera / Zack Sucher – 210lbs

Final Thoughts

When evaluating how much golfers weigh, unlike in many sports, it is clear that size in golf has no bearing on performance.

The heaviest players don’t always hit it the furthest or win the most, and while many modern players seek to be more fit and strong and stay within the weight limits, that certainly is no guarantee of success.

Developing the mindset and the golf skills to match regardless of weight or height is far more critical to achieving success at this game, whether at Tour Pro level or club level, and that should be your goal too!

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