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9 Reasons Why Golf Is So Fun

If you’ve never walked a golf course, you might not believe that golf is one of the most fun hobbies you could ever pursue. What fun could there be in carrying a heavy bag in the blazing sun, chasing a tiny ball? Well, that’s what I thought until I played my first round. And after that, I was hooked.

Here are 9 reasons why golf is fun:

  • Anyone can play
  • You can socialize, bond, make friends or have time alone
  • It never gets boring
  • Golf is a good way to exercise
  • You get to enjoy the fresh air
  • It is addictive
  • It’s a break from daily life
  • The competition is fun
  • Fun clothing and accessories

Are you convinced yet? Read on as we look at each of these reasons why golf is fun in greater detail. By the end of this article, you will be practicing your swing. I’m sure of it.

Why Is Golf Fun?

Why Is Golf Fun?

Golf is incredibly popular globally for many good reasons; it provides a personal challenge, builds character, provides networking opportunities, and is great for your health and fitness. But, above all, golf is fun – let’s see why:

1. Golf Is For Anyone

Golf has often been called a rich man’s sport, and to some extent, this is true – it is certainly prevalent among the wealthy. But in more recent years, golf has become a game that absolutely anyone can play.

Yes, if you have the means, you can easily spend thousands of dollars on golfing equipment, lessons, trips to expensive courses, etc.

But you can also pick up a second-hand set of clubs as a starter set and play golf during off-peak times. You can also spend time at the driving range or small-town golf clubs.

And more than just about money, it is a game that absolutely everyone can enjoy. Golf can be played by anyone, from toddlers to pensioners and of any gender. Golf doesn’t discriminate.  

2. You Can Play Golf Alone, With Friends, Or With Strangers

Golf is an excellent way to socialize with your friends. A regular four-ball with your best guys or girls is a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours. It’s also a special way for families to bond and have fun.

Golf is also great for meeting new people, making new friends, networking, and building relationships.

And sometimes, golf is great for some solo time when you just can’t deal with people. Get rid of frustrations on a driving range, or play a solo game of golf.

Although most clubs won’t allow you to play golf alone during peak times, you should be able to play a solo game during off-peak times.

Two Golfers In A Cart

3. Golf Never Gets Boring

Every round of golf can be a completely different game. Not only are there are many variations of the game, but each course is different with varying levels of difficulty.

Even if you are playing on the same course, with the same people, wearing the same clothes, and using the same equipment, you will probably have an entirely different game to the last one you played. Golf never gets boring – you will always be entertained.

4. Golf Is A Good Way To Get Some Exercise

At first glance, golf might not appear to be the most strenuous game; but it is an excellent way to get some exercise, as long as you skip the cart, especially if you carry your bag around.

You might be walking at a slow, steady pace, but on an 18-hole course, you’re probably going to cover, on average, about 5 miles during one round of golf. If you play regularly, you’ll probably notice an improvement in muscle tone and fitness.

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5. Golf Gives You A Dose Of Fresh Air And Time Outside

There’s no doubt that spending time outdoors is good for the body, mind, and soul. There’s nothing quite like the fresh morning air if you have an early tee-off time. And everyone needs a healthy dose of vitamin D.

You might even encounter some wildlife and birdlife, which you wouldn’t if you’d stayed indoors. Only one warning – in the words of Baz Lurman, always wear sunscreen.

6. Golf Becomes Addictive

You might be skeptical at first but trust me on this – after a few rounds of golf, you’ll be hooked. The rush when you make that one good drive, sink that one putt, there’s nothing quite like it.

And even after a bad round, and you’ll have many of those too, the hope of that next magical shot keeps you coming back for more.

There’s nothing like golf to keep your mind occupied. But, mark my words; even when you’re not playing, you’ll be thinking about how to play a better shot next time.

Without a doubt, golf builds character. Keeping a sense of humor and a good temper during a tough game is challenging, but you’ll be a better person for it.

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Selection of Golf Balls

7. The Competitiveness Of Golf

Closely linked to the addictiveness of golf is competitiveness. A fun and fascinating aspect of golf is the handicap system and how it allows the best golfers to play against the worst and still have a competitive game.

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And ultimately, your biggest competition is yourself. While you might be playing with golfers of different skill levels, your focus is on improving your own game, lowering your handicap, and improving your swing.

8. Golf Gives You A Complete Break From Normal Life

Exercise is a known stress reliever, and golf is one of the best exercises out there for this. We all need time off, and golf is a fantastic way to take a few hours out to clear your head, recharge your batteries, have some fun, and give you a fresh perspective on life.

And when you’ve finished your round, you can enjoy a relaxing well-earned drink in the clubhouse.

9. Fun Clothes And Accessories For Golf

Undoubtedly, one of the most fun aspects of golf is the clothes and accessories. Golf is an excellent way to express your sense of style and personality.

While some golfers are most comfortable in neutral, earthy colors, others love using golf attire as an opportunity to express themselves with way-out colors and designs.

And we can’t forget the accessories – the whacky, fun club covers, towels, and other bits and pieces. Golf is an awesome way to express yourself and your unique personality.

Final Thoughts

Okay, so are you convinced yet? I thought so. After running through these reasons why golf is so fun, the only question left to ask is when are you planning to play your next round of golf.

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