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Is Golf Haram?

Many of the greatest athletes are Muslim. Take soccer player Mohamed Salah or basketball star Rasheed Wallace. In most major sports, you have Muslim athletes that you can look up to, but there aren’t many when it comes to golf, so several people wonder whether golf is Haram.

Playing golf is encouraged in Islam. Any sport that improves your mental or physical state is halal. However, sometimes what comes with playing golf can be considered Haram, such as drinking at the club afterward. In Islam, women can also play golf. There are typically no restrictions against it.

Whether or not golf is Haram seems like a relatively easy topic, but there is a lot that we need to uncover. If you have recently converted to Islam or are trying to make sure you don’t offend one of your friends, I recommend reading through this article to know what you can and can’t do when playing golf.

A Golf Course? Is Golf Haram?

3 Reasons Why Golf Is Not Haram

It is one thing to say, well, golf is not Haram, so go and play it. However, understanding why it is not considered Haram can be important for many people, so here are three reasons why golf is not Haram.

1. Golf Improves Your Mental Wellbeing

Many people use the Quran for guidance, and it is a great help for a lot of people going through hard times. Remember, the Quran and Islam culturally and religiously promote the idea of good mental health.

Golf can be played competitively, or it can be played recreationally. Whichever you choose, both of those components are very good for your mental state. If you have been overthinking some of your problems, perhaps taking yourself to the golf course will be a great method of distracting yourself.

 2. Golf Promotes Physical Well Being

Now, golf is not the most physically demanding sport. In fact, many senior citizens still take themselves to the golf course and play a few holes. However, golf is classed as exercise and is still a physical activity, and the Quran promotes good health.

I hardly use the cart when I play golf as I prefer to walk the course. I enjoy the wide-open spaces, taking in the fresh air while walking around, and I will always feel physically better after taking a few golf swings.

3. Golf Does Not Harm Your Body

A few sports can be seen as Haram, especially those that harm your body and have no rules. Even though some of the best fighters in the world are Muslim such as Khabib Nurmagomedov, boxing and MMA are technically Haram.

Golf does not have this problem because you do not injure yourself or put yourself in harm’s way while playing golf.

Golf Course

What Not To Do When Playing Golf

As mentioned earlier, most of the time, it is what comes with playing golf that can be seen as Haram. However, you do not need to partake in these activities. Let’s take a quick look:

  • Do not bet when playing golf: Betting in Islam is Haram and should be avoided.
  • It is best for Muslims not to indulge in alcohol: I spent a good chunk of time discussing health and well-being in this article. It so happens that alcohol is considered a poison in Islam, and it is therefore Haram. So, once you get back to the clubhouse, you shouldn’t have a beer with your buddies.
  • You should not skip prayer: In Islam, you need to have a good excuse not to pray. One of those excuses is if you are pursuing your livelihood. So if you’re playing recreational golf, I can’t see how that would be a good enough excuse. However, if you are playing competitively and your livelihood depends on it, you should speak to an Imam, and they will be able to advise you.

Can Muslim Women Play Golf?

Like men, women are encouraged to be mentally and physically fit. There are challenges that Muslim women have to overcome that don’t necessarily apply to men. However, Muslim women worldwide have proven that they can overcome these challenges repeatedly. These challenges include:

  • Always dressing modestly: Golf is one sport that doesn’t require women to wear skimpy clothing. You will not be at a disadvantage while wearing a long shirt, long pants, and a hijab. This is one of the reasons I find that golf is one of the best sports for Muslim women struggling to find something else.
  • Finding female-only sessions: I will discuss men and women playing together later. That said, many Muslim women like to find female-only sessions, which can sometimes be a challenge.
  • Other cultural differences: Betting is not permitted. If you play golf and bet, you have made the sport Haram. So, when Muslim women play with non-Muslim women, small things such as “I bet you $5 I will make this shot” can make the Muslim women feel left out.

Golf is growing in the Muslim world. So, it is no surprise that women such as Noor Ahmed are playing golf and showing that it can be done. While playing golf, she dresses modestly, and she gives her competition a run for their money.

If you are a Muslim woman and are still not convinced that you should try golf, I recommend checking this video from the Muslim Golf Association, UK:

Muslim Golf Association & Taster Day | Stonebridge Golf Club

Is It Haram For Men And Women To Play Golf Together?

Muslim men and women do many activities together. However, they should not compete against each other in sports. With that said, playing golf recreationally together can be beneficial as long as both parties adhere to Muslim law.

Many Muslim women prefer to play in female-only environments. They also prefer female coaches.

It is also crucial to remember that sport should not create conflict as that can be seen as Haram, so if a Muslim couple are playing golf and it starts to cause some conflict, they should stop playing immediately.


Final Thoughts

With so many Muslim athletes doing well in many different sports, it is only a matter of time before golf gets a few professional Muslim athletes. As per the teachings in the Quran, playing golf is not Haram but is permissible and encouraged.

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