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5 Most Popular Fairway Woods on The PGA Tour (2022 Update)

Whether you are an enthusiastic bag watcher or are just thinking more strategically about your own golf clubs, you’ll be interested in knowing what the pros use. For your own fairway woods selection, you can start by looking at the top 3 and 5 woods on the Tour. So, what are the most popular fairway woods on the PGA Tour?

The most popular fairway woods on the PGA Tour are TaylorMade Stealth Plus, Titleist TSi2, PING G425 Max, Titleist TS3, and TaylorMade SIM. Most of these clubs are 5-woods, while some of them are 3-woods.

In this article, you will learn more about the most popular 3-woods on the PGA Tour. I’ll also tell you about the most popular 5-woods used by the pros. More importantly, you will find the top three fairway wood brands behind the top thirty golf clubs used by PGA Tour players.

I’ll also include a buying guide to help you find not just the most popular fairway wood but also a club that serves you best. Let’s get to it!

Most Popular Fairway Woods on the PGA Tour

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Most Popular Fairway Woods on Tour (Brands)

The top 5 fairway woods on the PGA Tour are:

  • TaylorMade Stealth Plus – 3-wood used by 13 players on Tour, 5-wood used by 7 players. 
  • Titleist TSi2 – 3-wood used by 10 players, 5-wood used by 1 player.
  • PING G425 Max – 3-wood used by 10 players, 5-wood used by 2 players.
  • Titleist TS3 – 3-wood used by 7 players.
  • TaylorMade SIM – 3-wood used by 6 players, 5-wood used by 3 players.

Because some golf club manufacturers have exclusive deals and large sponsorship budgets, they can monopolize the quantity of club adoption. The specific clubs used by Rory McIlroy, Adam Scott, or Tiger Woods might not even serve your needs. 

Knowing about different brands of golf clubs in Tour players’ bags is more important than figuring out the specific clubs. Glean from PGA bags the brand’s reliability and then use your own needs as the indicator for the specific club you must buy.

In this section, we go into the top three brands of fairway clubs that are most widely adopted on the PGA Tour.


TaylorMade is one of the most widely adopted golf club brands on the PGA Tour. Since its adoption is spread across a wide range of woods and irons, it is not surprising that the brand has a total of 63 fairway woods currently in Tour players’ bags.

Golf clubs made by TaylorMade are symbols of prestige because of the brand heritage. TaylorMade was the first golf club maker to introduce metal woods. Today, you would find it hard to find a golf wood that is actually made of wood. TaylorMade hasn’t lost its innovating edge ever since.

Its quality control is reliable enough to ensure that dozens of top-ranking players use it regularly. Scottie Scheffler, Rory Mcllroy, and Tiger Woods all use Talyor Made 3 and 5 woods.

Top TaylorMade Fairway Woods on the PGA Tour:

With TaylorMade being the leading brand in fairway wood adoption, it is time to examine the exact clubs that are most often used by Tour players:

  • TaylorMade SIM2 – Various iterations of SIM2, including SIM2 Max, are used a total of 12 times. 10 of these are 3-woods, while 2 are 5-woods. 
  • Taylormade Stealth Plus – The Plus iteration of Taylormade Stealth clubs are used a total of 13 times as 3-woods and 8 times as 5-woods.
  • TaylorMade M Series – From M2 to M6, multiple iterations of TaylorMade woods are adopted a total of 10 times as 3 and 5 woods. 
TaylorMade Golf Clubs
Instagram: @taylormade_tour


Titleist is one of the top three most-adopted golf club brands on the PGA Tour. But when you get specific about how the adoption is distributed across different woods and irons, you can see Titleist as #2 for some clubs and #3 for others.

Regardless, Titleist is a well-respected brand that is adopted by a wide range of players. In total, 38 pros use Titleist fairway woods. And given how sponsorships for golf clubs go, these players are likely to use Titleist clubs across numbers other than 3 and 5 woods.

Players who use Titleist clubs include the high-ranking Jordan Speith, Justin Thomas, and Patrick Cantlay. Moreover, Cameron Young, Charley Hoffman, Max Homa, and Webb Simpson are some other names that use Titleist fairway woods.

Does that mean a Titleist fairway wood will be a good match for you? Only if you get the specific club that is right for you. While you’ll find a short guide below, the popularity of specific fairway woods can be gleaned by seeing the ones found in most bags.

Top Titleist Fairway Woods on the PGA Tour:

When more players use a specific fairway wood, the odds are that it has broad compatibility. The Titleist fairway woods commonly used by PGA Tour players are:

  • Titleist TSi2 – This fairway wood is adopted by 11 players as a 3-wood and 4 players as a 5-wood. 
  • Titleist TS – Various iterations of the TS club are used as 3-woods and 5-woods. The grand total adoption rate is 24. Out of these, 8 of the clubs in PGA Tour bags are 5-woods, and 16 are 3-woods.
Titleist Clubs
Instagram: @titleist


Since the 1980s, Callaway has been at the forefront of golf club manufacturing. Its time in the industry has earned it a level of trust that is reflected in how many of its clubs are adopted by top professionals on the PGA Tour.

Some of the players using Callaway fairway woods are Jon Rahm, Justin Rose, Xander Schauffele, and Alex Noren. As far as rankings go, Callaway clubs have a mixed bag of adoption from some of the top 10 listers and ones who aren’t even ranked. If anything, it proves that Callaway clubs are compatible with a wide range of talent.

Some people erroneously believe that using the 3-wood used by Jon Rahm will get them a score as low as an average Rahm round. In reality, the 3-wood used by Rahm would require one to be Jon Rahm for best use.

“That’s why your choice of brand can be based on what the top pros trust, but your specific club should be based on your needs.”

Golf Educate

For example, my youngest son plays with Callaway fairway woods, although not the models used by the pros, as he hadn’t played for years and started up again so he chose woods suitable for a beginner or a high handicapper.

Callaway Warbird Driver and 5 Wood
My youngest son’s Callaway driver and 5-wood

Let’s see what the PGA Tour players need from Callaway’s roster when it comes to fairway woods.

Top Titleist Fairway Woods on the PGA Tour:

35 Callaway fairway woods are used on the Tour. In total 23 Tour players use 3-woods manufactured by Callaway, while 11 PGA Tour players use Callaways’ 5-woods. Let’s look at the models that have the highest adoption.

  • Callaway Rogue – 17 Rogue clubs (different iterations) are adopted by PGA Tour players. 13 are 3-woods, while the rest are 5-woods. 
  • Callaway Epic Speed – 11 Epic Speed woods are used by PGA Tour players. Callaway Epic Speed Triple Diamond is the most popular iteration of this club. 4 of the 11 Epic Speed clubs are 5-woods, while 7 of them are 3-woods.

Fairway Woods Buying Guide

If you get the golf club that works for you and belongs to one of the top three brands, you will have minimal regrets and score. In this guide, I will uncover the steps you can take to find the said club.

Commit to a Brand

As mentioned earlier, the specific club that fits your needs might not be the same club that your favorite golfer uses. However, you can take PGA Tour players’ club selection as a cosign for the brand. 

Golf club brands generally make clubs for all kinds of players ranging from PGA players to high-handicappers. Your shopping experience is simplified if you first select the brand and then get specific with the clubs.

Know What You Need

The next step in golf club selection is knowing what you need. Do you want to increase your slice or stop overshooting from the fairway? This part can be difficult to fathom if you’re coming into golf from another sport. In most sports, one has to adjust his gameplay to work with standardized equipment. 

Golf is a highly customizable sport. That means your equipment can be selected or adjusted to serve your gameplay. But if you don’t become aware of deviations in your natural swing and shooting distance, you might not be able to get a club that works for you.

Go to a Golf Supplies Shop

Having multiple options in physical proximity is one of the best ways to get a great golf club. It allows you to get a feel of the opportunity cost.

You don’t just tunnel vision on the club you think is great but also get to try the alternatives. This can help you get a club that further fits your specific needs. The rule of thumb is to get a club that requires you to change the least.

Get Fitted for a Club if You Need To

Golf is a game where customization can affect your overall score in a positive way. The better your equipment selection, the better your score. The peak of customization is getting fitter for a type of equipment. When you get fitted for a club, the best club length, head, etc., are all decided based on your trial swings.

Final Thoughts

The most popular fairway woods on the PGA Tour are backed by TaylorMade, Titleist, and Callaway. Your performance will be top-notch with clubs belonging to any of these brands, as long as you select 3-woods and 5-woods that fit your stance and swing.

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