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9 Best Golf Club Brands (2023 Update)

Picking the best golf club brands is no easy task as the advances in technology, the emergence of new brands, and the re-birth of other major brands have complicated this choice. So, what are the best golf club brands in 2023?

The best golf club brands are Callaway, TaylorMade, PING, Titleist, Cleveland, Tour Edge, Mizuno, Wilson, and Cobra. While other emerging brands such as XXIO and Miura are making an impact, these brands are commonly recognized as the best golf brands.

Looking at these brands, I’ll take a deeper look at the clubs they have produced that have earned them their place as the best golf club brands in 2023.

Best Golf Club Brands

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Best Golf Club Brands

A good set of golf clubs is essential equipment for amateur and professional golfers. I’m sure you will have your favorite brands of most things you buy, but if you’re new to the game of golf, you’ll want to know which are the best brands to consider.

Below are my picks of the best golf club brands for 2023. I’ve selected options for different budgets to suit all players. Check out these companies to make your purchasing decision easier.

1. Wilson

Wilson is a brand that started in the American sports industry, making high-quality balls and accessories for football and baseball and then producing good quality but affordable golf clubs for the mid to high handicappers.

One of golf’s biggest entry barriers is the cost, and by the time you have looked at clubs, shoes, balls, tees, bags, clothing, and green fees, it may all become a little too much for the pocket.

Wilson has stepped in to make golf more affordable by creating and offering complete sets for ladies and men at all levels and even offering top-end clubs for the lower handicap players.

Their golf sets offer all the clubs from driver to putter and include the golf bag, making it an excellent option for beginners looking to start the game and have a decent set of clubs to begin with.

On the top end, Wilson’s Staff irons are used by PGA players such as Gary Woodland, Kevin Streelman, Brendan Steele, and Kevin Tway, to name a few.

Wilson Clubs
My original Wilson golf clubs

Wilson irons are a perfect starter set. I first began with a set of Wilsons and still use the brand today as I continue to find them very forgiving. I’ve upgraded as I’ve improved my game over the years and as new lines have been introduced.

2. Cobra

With names like Rickie Fowler, Bryson De Chambeau, Jason Dufner, and Lexi Thompson, Cobra is a big name in the golf world, and their game-improvement irons consistently rank in the top lists for best irons in that category.

Cobra drivers are exceptionally well known, with adverts showing PGA stars using their new clubs with devastating distance and power. Owned by German sporting giant Puma, Cobra golf clubs have long been considered one of the best brands available.

Making clubs suit all levels of the game, Cobra consistently strives to improve their club’s performance through innovation in the design and application of both technology and materials to deliver better and better products.

Once known for their forgiveness, Cobra is moving to improve the speed of the clubs with their latest SpeedZone offering while retaining the forgiveness side and adapting to the new technology with Cobra Connect that allows players to track their game and progress.

3. Mizuno

Japanese golf brand Mizuno has been around since the 1970s and is still one of the major brands in golf today. Mizuno appeals to much lower handicapped and pro golfers due to their reputation for feeling in their clubs.

At the professional level, players need feedback from the club on contact as this tells them how effectively and accurately their swing is in execution. Their blade irons are rated as some of the best produced, giving players exceptional control over their shots.

Mizuno clubs are not cheap, and they have recognized the need to offer the higher handicap players game improvement irons, such as their new HMB range, which provides a greater level of game improvement with their traditional feel.

While not that well known on the PGA tour, with players like Luke Donald, Keith Mitchell, and Adrien Saddier as their ambassadors, Mizuno’s reputation for high-quality clubs and exceptional feel has allowed them to maintain their prestige and respect in world golf.

Mizuno Wedge
My Mizuno lob wedge

Although I don’t use Mizuno irons, I prefer their wedges because I have found excellent control and spin with them around the greens.

4. Tour Edge

“Who is Tour Edge?” you may be asking, but even though you may not see mainstream commercials as you would for other major brands, Tour Edge is becoming a growing name in the golf world.

As a smaller company, Tour Edge looks to provide two different product options in terms of forgiveness and feel, and one of their unique selling points is that they offer their clients clubs with custom settings!

As a golfer, if you have ever looked at getting your clubs customized to your specific needs, you will know how expensive that exercise can be, but with Tour Edge, you can have that option as part of your purchase and not as an afterthought.

This makes Tour Edge quietly attractive as a brand.

Players can acquire high-quality custom irons and drivers a reality at an affordable price for the everyday golfer. For the higher handicap player looking for clubs with greater forgiveness or the lower handicap players needing more feel, each can achieve this without a third mortgage.

5. Cleveland

Aside from their game-improvement irons and well-respected and desired drivers, especially among senior golfers and beginners, Clevelands’ actual value and dominance in the golf world is due to their exceptional wedges.

Like Odyssey and Scotty Cameron, Cleveland have recognized that becoming a specialist in a particular game area will yield great rewards. The competition with Titleist’s Vokey range of wedges is fierce and fantastic for the game.

From PGA Pros like Hideki Matsuyama, Keegan Bradley, and JB Holmes to the average weekend player, Cleveland’s wedges find their way into the hand of players that want greater control over the chipping and short game.

Cleveland pride itself on releasing more than one wedge in a year, and this strategy has placed them as influential innovators with short game clubs, while their competitors may only release one wedge a year.

Cleveland Golf also strives to be affordable and this, along with their outstanding quality wedges and irons, make them one of the best golf club brands for 2023.

6. Titleist

With no introduction needed, Titleist is one of the brands that produce some of the very best irons, drivers, and wedges in golf today. Constant innovation and technology adaptation drives a quest for perfection in their clubs for all players.

Titleist’s forged irons are some of the finest ever made, and players who use them confirm and validate this pursuit of excellence, and their focus is more on the mid to low handicap player.

While they offer a few game improvement irons, their main focus is for players at higher skill levels looking for more feel and control with their clubs.

For starters, the Vokey range of wedges is unparalleled in quality, and PGA tour Pros love the feel and exceptional control they offer. Jordan Spieth, Nelly Korda, Justin Thomas, Adam Scott, and Webb Simpson are some players with Titleist irons in their bags.

We cannot forget that Titleist also produces the most popular golf ball on tour, the legendary Pro V1, and the variations thereof. The quality and performance of the Pro V series golf balls match their iron and driver performance shot for shot. Check out this article for my pick of the 7 Best Golf Ball Brands.

Lastly, you should note that Titleist also owns Scotty Cameron. Adding a specialist putter brand to their vast stable entrenches them as one of the world’s most exclusive brands for superior quality golf products.


Another golf club brand that has been around seemingly forever is PING, and they made their name with the first game improvement irons way back when.

PING has continued its quest into the high, mid, and low end of the market, producing irons and drivers that appeal to all golfers, from amateurs to pros. Their fitting technology allows golfers slightly taller or shorter than the average to feel confident with their clubs.

Although PING tends to release clubs to the market much slower than other brands, they currently have some of the fastest ball speed drivers available, and PING irons have a feel all of their own.

Many golfers feel that once you hit PING irons, you may find it tough to return to other clubs. PGA Players that use PING are Bubba Watson, Harris English, Mackenzie Hughes, and Tony Finau.

PING offers some of the best clubs for mid and high handicap players with exceptional forgiveness for those off-center hits, and this extends the origin of this brand from the first club maker to produce game improvement irons.

My eldest son uses a PING approach wedge. He finds that adding this club to his set of irons has improved his approach shots to the green from approximately 50 yards.

PING Wedge
My eldest son’s PING approach wedge

8. TaylorMade

With Tiger Woods now using TaylorMade clubs, this brand has taken a big step in validation as one of the world’s best golf clubs. Read more here, What Irons Does Tiger Woods Use?

TaylorMade produces a range of clubs for all players, from beginners to PGA pros. Their range of putters, especially the Spider models, have made headlines on tour for all the right reasons, and their range of drivers and golf balls deliver superior performance at all levels of golf.

Owned by Adidas and as one of the most popular (if not the most popular) brands on tour, TaylorMade features PGA players like Tiger Woods, Jon Rahm, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, and Rickie Fowler, who all carry their clubs. Now that is an impressive list of major winners right there.

Their golf balls are equally good as their clubs, and they compete with the Pro V1 for top honors on the tour and in the general market. TaylorMade’s Sim drivers and Sim Max irons are gaining good traction, offering forgiveness and distance.

TaylorMade P770 Irons
My eldest son’s TaylorMade P770 Irons

My eldest son has a set of TaylorMade P770s. He likes this brand as they’ve allowed him to confidently club down and play more precise shots into the pin due to the distance and control they give him.

9. Callaway

As a major brand – and making my list of the best golf club brands, Callaway has some of the top PGA Pros in their stable, including Phil Mickelson, Xander Schauffele, Francesco Molinari, and Henrick Stenson.

Callaway has been around for more than 40 years, and they offer clubs to all tiers of the game, from the beginners and mid-handicap players to the low handicap golfers and professionals.

Using Artificial Intelligence in their Mavrik clubs, Callaway utilizes the latest technology to optimize design and performance, whether its exceptional feel and control for the pros or forgiveness and distance for the weekend players.

Callaway’s focus has long been on producing clubs for the average player, giving them an edge for off-center hits and making the game more playable for those at beginner and handicap levels.

Not restricted to clubs, Callaway also produces great golf balls and accessories like umbrellas. Still, their technology and innovation in design make Callaway one of the top golf brands in the world today.

Callaway Warbird Irons
My youngest son’s Callaway Warbird clubs

My youngest son has recently re-started playing the game and has purchased a new set of Callaway Warbird clubs. He finds this set remarkably forgiving with a large “sweet spot.” In good weather, he can carry 210 yards with the 5-iron.

Top Putter Brand – Odyssey

While those are the top golf club brands for 2023, it would be unjust not to include Odyssey in this discussion as their singular focus on producing the best putters deserves mention.

Never before in the history of golf has a major brand specializing in putters influenced the game. The first time was when Karsten Solheim, the engineer, and pioneer at PING, developed the first heel-toe weighted putter and the first game improvement irons.

As the only brand in the discussion that focuses solely on all things putting, Odyssey has established itself as the premier brand in putting. Since the putter is arguably the most important club in the bag, they deserve a spot here.

Their continued dedication to taking putters to the next level has left competitors in the dust. Lately, their Stroke Lab series putters utilizing graphite and steel in their shafts have created massive interest in PGA pros and amateur players.

As the saying goes, “different strokes for different folks,” and that seems to be the call that Odyssey is heeding as they offer a wide variety of putters, whether it’s the straight back and through stroke or the arc.

Odyssey’s White Hot putter range stroked the imagination and is one of the world’s best-selling clubs of all time and is seen in the hands of many pros in different versions of the club.

And I thought I’d add a photo of my son’s new White Hot Odyssey putter as he’s pretty pleased with it!

Odyssey Putter
My son’s Odyssey putter

Odyssey’s success with putters exemplifies how a golf club brand can achieve global recognition without producing a range of golf clubs but simply focusing on perfecting the most important one.

Odyssey was established in 1991 and is currently owned by Callaway. They produce several models of putters and accessories, including towels, grips, umbrellas, ball markers, and divot repairers.

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Let’s Wrap This Up!

Well, there you have it – the best golf club brands in the world in 2023. While some may argue that other brands deserve a place on this list, these brands bring a variety of clubs and options to all levels of the game and offer golfers of every ability the chance to enjoy their golf.

As these golfing brands continue to produce more forgiving clubs for beginners and more accurate clubs for the pros, one thing is for sure: golf will continue to attract new players to the game, which can only be a good thing.

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