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5 Most Popular Irons On The LIV Tour (2022 Update)

The LIV Tour has grabbed the attention of every top golfer in the world. Big names like Dustin Johnson, Cameron Smith, Brooks Koepka, Bryson DeChambeau, and Phil Mickelson, to mention a few, have gathered their irons to compete. With many players on the LIV Tour list, what are the most popular irons on the LIV Tour?

The LIV Tour players have one or a combination of the best brands and models of irons available today in their golf bags. The 5 most popular irons on the LIV Tour are:

  • Titleist T100
  • Titleist T200
  • Callaway Apex MB
  • Titleist 620 MB
  • Callaway X Forged UT

Identifying the most popular irons on the LIV Tour is no easy task because there are so many options for golfers when it comes to making up their set of irons. The LIV Tour showcases the best golfers in the world, each aiming to get the advantage.

The most popular sets of irons revealed themselves when the LIV Tour players opened their golf bags for us to take a closer look.

Most Popular Irons on the LIV Tour

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And, if you want to know the most popular irons on the LIV Tour, you’re in the right place. Let’s get to it!

What Are The Most Popular Irons On The LIV Tour?

With 48 players currently selected, various irons are included as players embark on the LIV Tour. The irons used on the LIV Tour vary from less familiar irons like PXG and Honma to the better-known names like Titleist and Callaway.

Golf IronNo. of LIV Tour Players
Titleist T10010
Titleist T2006
Callaway Apex MB5
Titleist 620 MB4
Callaway X Forged UT4
Most popular irons on the LIV Tour

In the search for the most popular irons on the LIV Tour, the Titleist T100 jumped to the top of the list. Titleist showed itself as a favorite when ten players decided to add it to their golf bags, including 2nd ranked Cameron Smith.

Second on the list is the Titleist T200. This iron comes as no surprise when the likes of Ian Poulter have it in hand to show its capabilities. The Titleist T200 is part of the top irons used on the LIV Tour and includes five other players sharing the same feeling.

No Tour is complete without the Callaway Apex MB, 3rd on the list for the most popular iron used on the LIV Tour. Five players selected this amazing club as their choice on the LIV Tour, including Phil Mickelson.

Nothing shouts excellence like walking on the LIV Tour with a Titleist 620 MB. The top irons used on the LIV Tour showed the Titleist 620 MB being 4th on the list. The 620 MB has long been a favored iron, and four players, including Justin Harding, chose it as their preferred iron.

Fifth on the list is the Callaway X Forged UT. Names like Pablo Larrazabal, Shaun Norris, Adrian Otaegui, and Phil Mickelson are the players who showed the popularity and excellence of this club. The Callaway X Forged UT shares the number of LIV Tour players with the Titleist 620 MB.

Golf Green Near Water

These 5 sets of irons are all unique in their way. So, let’s take a closer look at the most popular irons used on the LIV Tour.

1. Titleist T100

The new Titleist T100 designers focused on optimizing launch stability with off-center hits, an improvement brought by using higher-density tungsten. It has an improved feel, excellent turf interaction, and exceptional forgiveness, not to mention a look preferred by Tour professionals.

LIV Tour golfers seized the opportunity to play with this improved iron. The Titleist T100 is an obvious pick for the LIV Tour when considering how Titleist raises the bar. The Titleist T100 is the LIV Tour preferred iron.

2. Titleist T200

Maximum impact powers the T200 for better distance because the forged face converts near misses to nearly perfect. With 100 grams more than any irons in the T- series, tungsten is spread between the heel and toe sections of the T200.

This added weight gives the Titleist T200 that edge and the thin, high-strength steel in the club face gives a faster ball speed.

Six LIV Tour players use the Titleist T200 to benefit from its design capabilities. This popular iron is a close competitor to the T100, and finding the Titleist T200 as a preferred iron for many LIV Tour golfers is proof of its popularity.

3. Callaway Apex MB

Callaway’s Apex MB iron is a favorite with its classic style, refined sole, and thin top line. Known for its consistency, superior performance, and precision engineering, it is popular with pro golfers. Precision grooves give a high level of control and spin for any playing conditions.

Five players included Callaway’s Apex MB irons to compete with on the LIV Tour. This excellent iron with 20V grooves reduces fliers from the rough and gives the control LIV Tour players need. The Callaway Apex MB has a beautiful chrome finish to round off the perfect iron. 

4. Titleist 620 MB

Manufacturers have gone the distance with the Titleist 620 MB. Designers spared nothing regarding the Titleist 620 MB and everything pro golfers look for in an iron. For turf action, the 620 MB has a refined sole and a blade length to optimize with every choice.

Four LIV Tour players enjoy the excellence and quality of the Titleist 620 MB. As one of the most popular irons on the LIV Tour, this iron is good-looking and matches that look with unbelievable control and precision. Pro golfers worldwide fell in love with this iron, as did the LIV Tour players. 

5. Callaway X Forged UT

No Tour is complete without Callaway’s X Forged UT. This great iron has it all. The club face is designed for high ball speeds, while the forged mild carbon steel, hollow body, and urethane microspheres provide a pure and soft feel.

LIV Tour players see the Callaway X Forged UT as a to-go-to iron for its exceptional launch ability. The Callaway X Forged UT has a longer blade with a wider sole to give control and optimal trajectory. This masterpiece is used by four LIV Tour players.

Ian Poulter Bay Hill Invitational 2013
A photo of Ian Poulter I took at the Bay Hill Invitational 2013

Let’s Wrap This Up!

The 2022 LIV Tour captured golf enthusiasts worldwide, with 48 professional golfers competing and the irons they chose to use. Revealing what irons are in their golf bag, the Titleist T100, Callaway’s Apex MB, Titleist’s T200, Callaway’s X Forged UT, and Titleist’s 620 MB came out on top.

Each of the top irons used on the LIV Tour is exceptional, but the Titleist T100 is the Tour favorite, with 10 LIV Tour golfers adding it as their choice of iron.

Finding the most popular irons on the LIV Tour is no easy task, but the result showed that most players favor Titleist and Callaway, and both of these feature in the best golf club brands.

It is also worth noting that several players could use a split set. With say a 3,4 and 5 iron from one set and a 6,7,8 and 9 from another which they have proved after hours of work on the driving range favors their game.

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