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3 Most Popular Hybrids on The PGA Tour (2022 Update)

Golf hybrids are excellent for long-distance shots that need to be precise. Given that almost all long-distance shots on the PGA Tour level need to be pretty precise, Golf Hybrids used on Tour are worth betting on when you have room for hybrids in your bag. So, what are the most popular hybrids on the PGA Tour?

The most popular hybrids played on the PGA Tour are Callaway Apex UW, which is adopted by 6 Tour players; Callaway Apex Pro, which is used by 4 Tour players; and Titleist 913 Hd/818 H2, used by 3 players each. The top hybrid brands on Tour also include TaylorMade.

In this article, you will learn more about the top-three hybrid brands as well as individual hybrids with a high adoption rate. You will find out the names of pro athletes who use these hybrids and how you can make your buying decision.

Most Popular Hybrid on the PGA Tour

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And to find out the most popular hybrids on the PGA Tour, read on!

Most Popular Hybrids on The PGA Tour

The most popular hybrids on the PGA Tour are Callaway, Titleist, and TaylorMade. There is not much in it between the top two Callaway and Titleist, who are almost neck and neck. Taylormade, coming in at third, has half the Tour players using their hybrids than the top brand.

Brand of HybridNumber of Tour Players
Most popular hybrids on the PGA Tour

1. Callaway Apex UW

Callaway Apex Utility Wood is used by 6 Tour players and is one of the most “tour-oriented” clubs made by Callaway. Kevin Kisner, Sam Burns, and Viktor Hovland are some of the PGA players with Apex UWs in their bags. Almost all the players that use the Callaway Apex UW have a decent tail-hand grip.

The utility wood comes in regular, stiff, and extra stiff builds. If you have a fast swing, go with the extra stiff version. The 17-degree to 21-degree configuration options range can help you further make this hybrid your own.

If you read my posts on the top golf irons used on the PGA Tour or the golf balls used by Tour players, you’ll notice that I rarely recommend buying the exact club…

“Instead, I suggest using the club adoption as a cosign for the brand’s integrity and then choosing the club that fits you, not your favorite player.”

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In this instance, I would actually recommend getting the hybrid. This utility wood can work for a wider crop of semi-professionals and serious amateurs. Its reviews and ratings come to an average of 4.4 stars on a 5-star scale.

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2. Callaway Apex Pro Hybrid

Despite being slightly less popular among Tour players than the utility wood, the Apex Pro Hybrid is more popular among regular consumers. This is what I call the professional exclusion effect. I have previously asserted that the top-most adopted golf clubs aren’t as good for regular golfers because they require tour-level expertise to handle.

The relatively less popular clubs are often better at driving down scores because they are more amateur-friendly. The Apex Pro Hybrid, however, cannot be simplified as a novice-friendly golf club. It literally has “pro” in its name.

Callaway Apex Pro Hybrid is designed to help players who mishit the ball but still require a fast and precise swing to produce the desired outcome.

Forgiveness is engineered into the club but is finite. The manufacturer claims that the design is informed with the help of an A.I. What this means is that hundreds of hours of golf play of specific players were assessed by an Artificial Intelligence algorithm. After deep learning, it produced a design proposal for a club that would lower said players’ scores.

Alex Noren, Francesco Molinari, and Keegan Bradley are some players who use the Apex Pro on Tour. If that’s not enough evidence for the hybrid’s quality, then its average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars must be considered. The Callaway Apex Hybrid is one of the most well-balanced clubs that work for Tour players just as well as hobbyists.

3. Titleist 913 Hd Hybrid

This is the third most popular hybrid on Tour. It is found in the bags of 3 Tour players. This privilege is also shared by the same brand’s 818 H2 club as well. Another hybrid that can be found in 3 bags is PXG 0317 X Gen 2. However, a quick comparison of overall brand adoption history alongside the average consumer popularity placed the 913 Hd hybrid as the firm frontrunner.

It is used by Charley Hoffman, Tom Hoge, and Webb Simpson. Their gameplay is varied enough to suggest that the 913 Hd can be used with people with different types of swings and rear grip strengths.

It has a classic stiff shaft, and its orientation angle is 23 degrees, though this is not a non-negotiable. Different orientations and configurations of most hybrids are usually available.

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The Top PGA Tour Hybrid Brands

Different golf club makers have multiple hybrids. Two of the most adopted hybrids are Callaway brand hybrids. But what if we don’t look at individual hybrids that have high adoption and instead look at brands with the most hybrids on Tour? Callaway still wins.

In this section, we will look at the top three brands with the most hybrids in Tour players’ bags.

#1 – Callaway

Not only does Callaway have the most popular hybrids that are individually adopted by most players, but it also has the highest collective adoption across all its available hybrids. 14 players use Callaway Hybrids. Its hybrids on Tour include:

  • Callaway Apex Pro – Adopted by 4 players on Tour 
  • Callaway Apex Utility Wood – Adopted by 6 players
  • Callaway Rogue – Adopted by Brendon Todd
  • Callaway Mavrik Pro – Adopted by Christiaan Bezuidenhout
  • Callaway Apex – Adopted by 2 players

#2 – Titleist

Titleist’s most-adopted hybrid is the third-most popular on Tour, but the brand itself comes second in adoption. This is the logical result of consolidating Callaway’s popular hybrids into a single brand position, so that’s not surprising.

What is surprising is that Titleist is just 2 players short of beating Callaway as the most popular Hybrid brand on the PGA Tour. Its hybrids have been adopted by 13 players., and include:

  • Titleist 818 H2 – Adopted by 3 PGA Tour players 
  • Titleist TSi3 – Adopted by 2 PGA Tour players
  • Titleist 913 Hd – Adopted by 3 PGA Tour players

#3 – TaylorMade

TaylorMade is known for its constant research and development alongside its superior drivers. When it comes to hybrids, no single club made by TaylorMade can be found in the ‘most-adopted’ roster. But enough of its individual hybrids have been adopted by Tour players that the brand is among the top-ranking ones in bag placement. 6 of its hybrids on Tour include:

  • TaylorMade Stealth – Adopted by 2 PGA Tour Players 
  • TaylorMade Stealth 3h – Adopted by Adam Long
  • TaylorMade SIM Max – Adopted by Chez Reavie

Although I don’t have any of the pros’ models listed above, I use a TaylorMade hybrid, as shown in the photo below. I’ve had this club for a few years and it’s always served me well – especially hitting from short rough.

TaylorMade Hybrid
My TaylorMade hybrid

Final Thoughts

Callaway is among the most popular hybrid brands on Tour, and its individual hybrids have a higher adoption rate than multiple clubs of brands like TaylorMade. Before choosing a hybrid, though, make sure you know the kind of stiffness you’re looking for and pick the club that suits your swing speed.

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