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7 Golf Club Brands To Avoid (2022 Update)

There are hundreds of golf clubs on the market right now, and the last few years have seen a surge in new releases and subsequent golf club reviews, which means that now is the time to take a closer look at the available clubs and learn which should be avoided.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the golf club brands on the market that you should avoid. Learn what makes these golf clubs so unplayable, and explore some of their significant drawbacks.

Golf Club Brands To Avoid

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Here are 7 golf club brands to avoid altogether:

1. Alien Golf

The first golf club brand on my list of clubs to avoid is Alien Golf. This brand is also the worst-reviewed golf club maker by all professional reviewers, and all pros who have tried them recommend that they should be dodged if possible.

Alien golf clubs are interesting because they are intended to meet the specific needs of certain types of golfers. These clubs are designed to be crossovers and hybrids between club types, but the execution of this idea is severely lacking.

“These clubs are nothing but gimmicks, as they look and feel very different from other clubs, but not in a way that can improve your game, perform well, or deliver on any level.”

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Another problem with Alien Golf clubs is that they are costly for what they are. The technology used to make the clubs look the way they do also causes them to underperform when compared to most other brands. You can buy clubs from a high-performing brand, such as Callaway or Cleveland, for the same price.

Alien clubs look funky, and they can be used well by certain players, but most players should avoid them due to their shockingly low performance-to-price ratio.

These clubs are also known to be made from poor quality materials, and there are reports of golfers with high swing speeds breaking Alien clubs. The poor build quality makes these clubs difficult to use, and very few golfers can use them effectively.

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2. Yonex

Yonex is a well-known brand in other sports, such as tennis and badminton, as the racquets that this company produce is loved by many players. However, the Yonex brand is less loved in golf, as the clubs this company produces are considered poor quality by almost all golfers.

Among the biggest problems with Yonex clubs is that they are very light, which can cause several issues for golfers, especially those who are inexperienced and who are developing their skills.

Light clubs can be challenging to control and feel unbalanced, resulting in very unpredictable shots, making the game far more difficult to play.

“Although in the UK, possibly due to the lightness, I know several ladies playing with a men’s Yonex brand.”

Golf Educate

Another issue is that Yonex clubs are expensive and are comparatively priced with elite club brands. This gives the impression that Yonex clubs are worthwhile buying, but the reality is that they are not good clubs and should not be priced so high.

Most golfers say that Yonex clubs feel very cheap in the hand, even though a full set costs more than some TaylorMade sets.

Yonex is a Japanese golf club brand, which is usually a good thing. Still, when comparing these clubs to other Japanese brands, Yonex clubs drastically underperform and feel very poor overall.

Some Yonex clubs are cheaper than others, and some can be considered low-cost if you only buy one club, but there are still better-performing clubs than Yonex at every price point.

3. Giga Golf

Giga Golf is a brand that seems promising, yet makes it onto my list of golf club brands to avoid. They can be excellent for some golfers, but the reality is that most players should avoid Giga Golf clubs unless they know exactly what they want from their clubs.

This is a custom-club brand that produces golf clubs made to the exact specifications of the order. Customers can decide what materials and attributes the golf clubs are made with and can design very tiny aspects of every club in the set.

This is fantastic for experienced players who understand their style and how they play, and how their clubs should be fitted for the best results.

However, inexperienced golfers, players unfamiliar with the deeper terms of golf and golf clubs, or those who are not precisely sure about the characteristics of their playing style and abilities should avoid buying clubs from Giga Golf.

If you’re unsure what you are doing when ordering custom clubs like these, you will likely end up with an utterly unplayable set.

Another issue here is that because you customized the clubs to a specific setup and fit, you will have trouble re-selling them if they are not suitable for you, as most players are highly unlikely to buy them, as they are very unlikely to fit them!

Giga Golf clubs can be good clubs if you spend enough money on them, but if you spend the least money possible per order, you are sure to end up with very poor-quality clubs, even if you know how to customize clubs to your specification.

All beginner golfers and inexperienced players should avoid Giga Golf clubs, especially if they are being sold second-hand. Very experienced players should only buy these clubs.

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4. Hammer

Hammer is a golf club brand that has produced several once-off clubs over the years that have all been claimed to increase or improve some aspect of a golfer’s playing ability.

The Hammer brand X golf club is the main club with which all players have an issue. This brand has several outrageous claims that the X club and other Hammer clubs will significantly increase the distance that any golfer can hit, drastically increase swing speed, and bring big stroke numbers off your score.

The truth is that the figures claimed by the Hammer X club are simply impossible. The best pro golfers in the world cannot reach the figures that this club claims to produce, even with the best clubs ever made.

These clubs are not worthwhile at all and are not even very good clubs for regular playing, never mind trying to achieve preposterously high swing speeds and distance numbers. 

Hammer clubs do not deliver in any regard when reviewed by experienced golfers. Swing speed, control, feel, feedback, torque, sound, performance, distance, design, looks, materials, and every other aspect of the club is underwhelming at best.

The club is affordable when compared to other drivers, but the truth is that it is not even worth a low price. It is a gimmick and will not solve any problems that a golfer may try to resolve.

Hammer is a golf club brand to be avoided by all players, regardless of their skill level and experience.

5. Ryoma Golf

Ryoma is a golf club brand that needs significant improvement before it can be recommended to golfers.

It is a Japanese golf club brand that has produced some decent clubs in the past, but the truth is that these clubs are difficult to play, lack feel and feedback, do not look as good as they should, and sound very harsh.

A harsh sound when striking the ball usually indicates poor-quality materials and build, which explains why Ryoma clubs are so tricky to use. If a club is not made well or built from high-quality materials controlling the club and using any measure of success on the green is almost impossible.

Ryoma clubs require considerable skills to use well. They are very unforgiving, and getting the best performance from these clubs is an extreme challenge.

They should be avoided by any golfers who are inexperienced and by anyone who is looking for a set of clubs that is somewhat forgiving and easy to play.

Ryoma clubs are also very expensive when compared to top brands, and there are much better and far easier clubs to play that are available for less money.

If you can avoid using Ryoma clubs, then do. Take your time to find a more well-established brand with better fundamentals before considering a Ryoma club or club set.

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6. MacGregor Golf

Clubs made by MacGregor Golf have not always been on the list of golf club brands to avoid, as this was once a prolific brand that many players used. MacGregor focuses on producing beginner-level clubs and making affordable club sets.

Affordable clubs can be good, and beginners do not need high-end clubs, and producing clubs in this range is a good thing. Still, the unfortunate reality is that this once-beloved brand has simply not kept up with modern technology, advancements, and performance.

MacGregor golf clubs are affordable, but they are not worthwhile. The technology and materials that go into making these clubs are not up to the standard of the industry, even when compared to other budget-friendly or beginner clubs.

The clubs were never updated properly, and the company has been left behind by more modern manufacturers and developers who can make far better clubs for the same money.

Many beginner golfers consider MacGregor clubs, but the truth is that most pro shop owners will recommend against them, and even instructors prefer their students to use clubs from other brands.

You can learn with MacGregor clubs; there are worse clubs out there, but you should avoid them in favor of better clubs for the same or similar prices.

7. Majek

Majek is a golf brand that many players enjoy, but the reality is that their clubs are made as cheaper versions of higher-end clubs, but they do nothing but cause problems in a player’s ability, and they do not perform nearly as well as they should.

Majek clubs are vastly inferior compared to the clubs they are made to compete with. They are primarily made for senior players and made to be very easy clubs to use.

Majek clubs are usually hybrids and are made to have the most effortless playing characteristics, as well as maximum forgiveness and feedback. These are good attributes for senior players and those who lack the strength to swing heavier and less forgiving clubs effectively, but these clubs are not worth the trouble.

How these clubs are designed leads to bad habits and poor club control that is very challenging to rectify, especially if you learn to play using Majek clubs.

Senior golf clubs are important, and there are critical reasons why senior clubs exist, but every major golf brand produces a range of senior clubs specifically for this purpose.

Even if you cannot afford a set of TaylorMade senior clubs, there are more affordable brands that produce this type of club that are significantly better than Majek clubs.

Affordable clubs do not have to be bad clubs, and senior clubs do not have to be expensive. If you are looking for a club set to meet this need, take your time to find clubs that feel good and play well rather than settling for Majek senior clubs.

Final Thoughts

Many golf club brands are well worth the money, and many are nothing but a waste of money and effort. It really is worthwhile to spend the extra money on better quality golf club brands, as the technology, development, and materials that go into making them do make a significant difference.

Regardless of your skill level or experience, whether you are an accomplished player or a beginner, it is always advisable to buy the best clubs you can afford. Spending the extra money is worth it, and your game will be drastically improved by using a good set of clubs.

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