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How Much Does A Golf Bag Weigh? (And How To Reduce Weight)

You’ll know how heavy your golf bag can get if you’re just starting your golfing journey. The weight soon adds up when you include all the gear you need, from clubs, balls, accessories, drinks, etc. So, how much does a golf bag weigh?

A golf bag unloaded can weigh between 3lbs and 11lbs, depending on the type of bag in question. The lighter carry bags can weigh about 3lb, while cart bags and stand bags can weigh between 7lbs and 11lbs without clubs. A fully loaded golf bag can weigh between 30-35lbs.

Golf BagWeight
Without Clubs3-11lbs
With Clubs30-35lbs

The weight of a golf bag will vary depending on whether it has a stand, whether it is fully loaded with clubs, and whether it is wet or dry.

Let’s look at this a little more so you can understand why your bag may feel heavy on your shoulders if you are carrying and walking and, what contributes to the weight of the golf bag, better still, how you can reduce the weight of your bag.

A golf bag with clubs. How Much Does A Golf Bag Weigh?

Types Of Golf Bags And How Much They Weigh

The only genuine golf bag in the old golf days was the light carry bag, designed to carry a minimal number of clubs. In most cases, the golfer didn’t have that many and had to use what clubs he had to manufacture the ‘in-between’ shots that weren’t covered by the clubs he carried.

The Carry Or Sunday Bag

Carry bags are still available today and are the lightest of all golf bags. It’s a good option if you plan to walk the course. You can use this lightweight bag loaded only with your clubs, a few balls, and maybe some water.

Weighing in at around 3lbs unloaded, Sunday bags could weigh under 20lbs depending on how many golf clubs you have. Graphite shafted irons would weigh less than steel-shafted clubs, and the driver, woods, and putter would also add weight.

I am a big fan of this bag, and I usually carry about six clubs. I use it when I plan to play a quick 9 holes after work or in winter when courses are sometimes closed to trolleys and carts due to waterlogging.

The carry bag is easy to lift, fits easily into a small car, and mine has even accompanied me on business trips and short family breaks when I know there is a course nearby the hotel.

The Stand Bag

Many modern golf bags have a fold-out stand attached, and while these add some weight to the bag, they are made from very lightweight materials and contribute very little to the overall bag weight.

Stand golf bags typically weigh between three and six pounds dry and unloaded, and most are made from lightweight nylon that is both durable and waterproof.

If you think about a golf bag getting wet, materials that absorb little or no water would be much lighter than the heavier leather or tour bags that can absorb more water and drastically increase weight.

Adding golf clubs, shoes, balls, rangefinders, water, and nutrition will increase the weight, and if you are carrying the bag, you could be hefting around 30lbs-40lbs on your back for 18 holes.

Golfers Carrying Bags

This may not be too much of an exertion for the younger, stronger players, although you could find yourself struggling a little walking up the 18th on your way home. Again, you could have a lighter or heavier load on your shoulders, depending on your club choices and shafts.

If you are using a cart or pushcart, then the weight won’t be an issue as they are designed to handle weight well above the maximum capacity they can carry.

Should you opt to walk the golf course and carry your golf bag through the round, it would be prudent to choose what accessories would go in your bag carefully as you don’t want to add anything unnecessary that will add weight if not required.

These bags are used extensively in the winter months in the UK and other wet climates due to waterlogging around the course.

Cart Bags And Tour Bags

The cart bags are generally bigger and heavier and are designed to carry more than the stand or carry bags. They will have more pockets for carrying extra golf balls, gloves, food, water, sunscreen, shoes, jerseys, jackets, and any other items the player may need.

Because these aren’t being carried, these bags can weigh up to 50lbs, so they are not something you’d want to carry on your back for 18 holes! Professional caddies on tour carry these bags fully loaded for four rounds (if their player makes the cut) to ensure the player has everything they need during play.

What Contributes To The Weight Of A Golf Bag

Several factors add weight to the golf bag, and the obvious one is the golf clubs. Having a complete set of 14 clubs will be the most significant weight contributor to the golf bag.

Golf Clubs

Depending on your choice of clubs and shafts, a set of clubs will add around 25-30lbs to the weight of the golf bag. If you want to add a dozen golf balls, clothing, water, and food, that can easily add another 10-15lbs to the weight.

As a rule of thumb, assume that each golf club weighs about a pound, as some clubs will be heavier than others, but the average weight would be around one pound per club. Adding the clubs would give you around 20lbs based on a golf bag weight of six pounds.

Golf Bag

Golf Balls

A golf ball weighs around 1.62 ounces, so you add weight to your bag for every ball included. Many golfers would carry approximately 12 golf balls in their bag between practice and playing balls, adding around 1.21 pounds to the weight.

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So with the accumulated weight of the bag and clubs of 20lbs, the bag weight is now over 21lbs with the golf balls.


With the umbrella, clothing, food, water, golf tees, pitch repairers, golf club covers, and GPS devices, all this can quickly add another 7-10lbs to the weight of the golf bag and end up with a final weight of around 30lbs-35lbs.

How Heavy Should My Golf Bag Be?

If you choose to carry your golf bag, you need to apply the 20% rule, which states that your bag’s weight should be no more than 20% of your body weight, as this would be a good load to carry through a round.

So if you weigh 200lbs, your golf bag weight should not be more than 40lbs fully loaded.

This is important as if you are toting a heavy bag, it will tire you out, and you will redirect the energy you should expend on playing the game to carrying the load. You will get tired, which will affect your physical and mental focus.

Let’s Wrap This Up!

When contemplating how much a golf bag weighs, of course, the weight of your golf bag is only essential if you are carrying it yourself. Ensuring that your golf bag weight is at an acceptable and practical level will go a long way to keeping your energy levels up during your round.

As golf bag technology improves and golf club weights decrease, the total golf bag weights will also decrease, making it easier for players to walk and carry. But if you take a fully loaded bag, a pushcart or golf cart may be the best option to bear the load.

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